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  1. Brand new to the forums...very excited about learning. My first few questions revolve around pushing links of my small business higher on Google. Although I currently "own" the first 2 or 3 pages when my business is Googled, I have an online "detractor" (former friend) who enjoys creating negative links about me, or finding old ones, and he pushes them higher within hours or minutes. I'd like to learn how this is done, so I can apply it to my "weaker" ranking webpages. I'd also like to learn how to create links out of individual photos that are posted on Yelp, Google Plus, Pinterest, and many other of my websites. There's a few photos around of my business which are ranked as individual links, but not sure how they got started, and would like to learn how to create many more. I've read a lot about back-links on Google searches to increase my business, but not sure if they will apply to me, since I'm not on too many blogs ( 3 or 4). I've watched many Youtube videos and tried to read as much as possible on the above, but maybe I'm not Googling with the right words. Any suggestions or links to tutorials about the above would be a great help! Or any other other suggestions I may be missing here that I should know about for what I'm trying to do since I'm a newb. Thanks very much!