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  1. If it is even possible, if it is how would i go about it?
  2. I have run a couple with a few friends. I havnt done any "big or real" ones, but the ones I've done are very fun. The one we just started involves espionage.
  3. I need a video player that can play alot of differt file types and can run completely off a flash drive. Or how to make it so I can with something like "VLC media player" ect any help is appreciated
  4. Well, Microsoft is "cracking down" on pirates... hahahahahaha... anyway, any bets on how long it'll take untill you can pirate a copy and not get pwned as they claim you will? Mine, 16 days
  5. this deeply saddens me. He goes around the world pissing off animals, I saw it comming but I can't really believe it. I watched the show lastnight as a tribute to him. Someone needs to make tribute shirts. somethin' like a black & white picture of him and above it says "Crikey!" I'd buy it.
  6. I have the bottom part of a razor phone (don't ask) what would I have to do to make a beige box out of it?
  7. The Secret History of Hacking FTW!!!!1!1
  8. I want to make a blue box but I want plans I can trust. I don't want to use the one from the anarcist cookbook, cause it sucks. where can I find trustable plans?
  9. I used to have a list of all the * numbers but I lost it. Any help? also a list of any "extensions" like that ie. would be appricated (sp?) I'm gonna compile a list of that stuff. Thanks
  10. I read about how a long time ago you could reprogram elevators to go to differnt floors than the one you pressed the button for, does this still work. wow... that is a long sentance
  11. A while ago I found out about a number you could call from a phone and it would tell you a bounch of stuff about the phone: number, service provider ect. But I forgot it. Any help?
  12. Thanks All I'm looking into just about everything sugested
  13. Anyone out there in the seattle or tacoma area? especialy t3h 253 A meeting would be cool
  14. What is a good, recent hacking program like PHLAK. PHLAK is apperently "outdated" Any suggestions
  15. Yeah.. Non-Thinking is a better term. I'm learning