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  1. That looks like Sprint PCS. The coverage maps look the same. And that looks like Cingular GSM.
  2. And they are not only charging $100 for a 911 call if you're outside the US (that is ridiculous), they couldn't even spell their own company's name.
  3. I know this probably doesn't work anymore, but just out of curiosity, how was it done (back when it worked)?
  4. That's what I figured - what the hell, we don't use KP anymore - but since I knew how old Nortel TOPS was and I saw the manual, I figured maybe they DO use those buttons and have some sort of converter. It seems it would be more cost-effective for them to upgrade from TOPS though. (Remember the old tone-to-pulse converters?)
  5. Is there another OCI? I'm looking for a dumb telco who will allow me to accept my own collect calls, just like OCI used to. In case you don't know what I want, here's an example: Operator: Operator, may I help you? Me: Yes, I'd like to place a collect call to 123 456 7890 Operator: Okay, and your name please? Me: John Doe Operator: Thank you, please hold. ring, ring, ring, ring Other Person: Hello? Operator: Hi, this is the operator, I have a collect call from John Doe, will you accept the charges? Me: (in their voice) Yes, I'll accept Oh, yeah, and preferrably a carrier with very high rates (rates similar to the old ones of OCI?)
  6. Why can't you go to the access point owner's place, and apologize, and offer them some sort of compensation for using their network? Put a terms clause in writing that states the payment is the compensation for using their wireless network and that they are not able to hold anything against you after payment. You should get a lawyer to write that. Just make sure you get everything in writing, and strictly writing. Do not allow yourself to make any exceptions to that! That SHOULD get rid of the AP issue. Then again, I'm not a lawyer so take all my advice with a grain of salt. (In other words, use at your own risk.) You really need to get a lawyer.
  7. I was playing on someone's Alltel phone, and I dialed 0 and got Qwest TOPS. I also dialed 10102880 and got AT&T! So on some cell phones you CAN use 10-1x-xxx codes.
  8. I was 99% sure it wouldn't work, but I was still curious.
  9. This might be what you're looking for, but not exactly. It will give you a carrier message ("Thank you for choosing MCI as your long distance carrier" type message) 1-700-555-4141 and 1-(area code)-555-4141
  10. The operator was confused. She didn't know of a "KP FWD" button.
  11. Okay - I'll try that tomorrow. I'll call the operator and tell him/her to press KP FWD + XXX-121 + START + POS RLS with XXX being whatever area code. I doubt anything will happen out of it. I might get another non-local operator, or the switch might say "what the hell" and release the line.
  12. Nice, thanks. I wonder what would happen if I had them transfer me to 121 (inward operator). Since it appears to use KP. Or is that manual for an older version of TOPS?
  13. Tandem switches? I THINK that's how they interconnect.
  14. I meant the X100P cards. I know you can get other cards that haven't been discontinued from Digium of course
  15. Where do you buy Digium X100P cards? AFAIK the X100P was discontinued. I wanted to get a real Digium card but I can't find it. [Edited for clarity]