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  1. 770 574 7520 Get N' Go Almost looks like some kind of CAT5e cable running up into the ceiling, I wasn't able to get a good look at the wording on the cables.
  2. 770-574-9790 Robinson's Shell Station I do know they have a video poker room within the station, at least 3 machines I believe. This station is located right beside I-20, see's a huge amount of traffic from Alabama that doesn't have a state lottery. Another exit down is a Love's Truck Stop 770-824-5040, also has a room with 4 or 5 machines. If any machines are linked by a phone my guess would be these due to that high influx of traffic. I have suspicions that more rural stations may not be linked but are "supposed to be" but aren't out of disregard for lottery mandates. I never seen any "lottery official" inspect a video poker machine like perhaps an official lottery "scratch off" ticket machine. I myself have never heard any sounds or tones emanating from the machines, some are silent and some have music and sounds blaring like an arcade machine. You're correct about trying to investigate behind them, most I think are almost bolted to the wall, but next chance I have I will try and get a look see.
  3. Learned from a local attorney that my state lottery in Georgia legalized video poker machines by stepping in and taking partial revenue from these machines via a phone line. How does a system like this operate, maybe the way a Telco collected money from a payphone? Would these be on a unique individual number? Could a person terminal inside one of these machines? I know nearly every other gas station in my county and generally the south have these types of poker machines 5 to a wall. apologies if this isn't the right section for this.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I did want to say that TBA made a successful found carrier to 770-537-5257 yet once again no terminal software I used detected that number as a carrier.
  5. I guess since these "modem" sounds didn't connect in TBA I should have expected the same on a terminal. Oh well, I'll return if I do discover anything worthwhile.
  6. I can adjust the modem speed from 300 baud to 56k, higher speeds seem to make the modem want to act up and not be detected and I have to power cycle to reset things and get the modem detected again But yes, I've not had it detect these modem sounds as a found carrier for some reason. I have set the call time currently for 35 seconds, which is a little over 4 rings I think but no luck. I hear the modem sound but no handshake. TBA can try and connect and list connection speed but I may not have things configured correctly, although I don't know what I've forgotten to do.
  7. I can also recommend finding a modem AC adapter, I had to acquire as long scans will eat up a Palm V modem's two AAA's in a few hours. It has responses of "BUSY" mostly for either reorder or voice, the speaker is not very loud at all but you can make out general sounds through the distortion. I've yet to have it hit on "CARRIER FOUND!", I guess it doesn't respond that way to faster modems, or at least the dial up sounds I have discovered. This is irritating as I want to not have to really sit around and listen to the tinny speaker but oh well, it's part of the job I guess.
  8. Taking ThoughtPhreaker's advice to scan the Bremen 537 prefix, here are some random modems, albeit probably just faxes. I haven't tried to terminal into these. 770-537 1120 1121 2241 2646 3827 4660 5130 5301 5356 6553 8279 8894 9322 9894
  9. With the Palm Vx I can place it in the HotSync cradle, which connects with a DB9 serial, but the Palm V modem attaches to the same set of pins that the cradle uses to charge it. It seems that there isn't a way to have the modem attached to the Palm Vx while also having it attached to the DB9 HotSync, and that really sucks because I had also thought there was a way to use the Palm Vx as an external modem for a PC. The manual lists you can HotSync by connecting the V modem into a PC modem though, but not serial connection. I'll try and browse around and see if there are any Palm terminal apps with a modem capability.
  10. I tried grabbing some Terminal apps, like Mterm. I'm not sure if which apps work with serial or with modem. TBA has worked like a charm and I'm quite impressed, easy and it just plain works, not that I've detected any carriers in my prefix yet but it's the thrill of the hunt I suppose. Did Palm have BBS software??
  11. I shouldn't even be responding but I'm 770.
  12. I've been scanning my local prefix, randomly with TBA on a Palm Vx. Not much luck since I'm quite rural, eventually I hope to move up to the 404 area code as that's not long distance. As of today am through 770-574-00xx to 11xx, with one catch; 770-574-0084 modem noise like fax or dial up
  13. Found a cheap Palm Vx with an unopened Palm V modem, accessories, etc. on the Bay, waiting for arrival. Likely gonna need a serial adapter. What are some interesting tools worth finding on the Palm platform that are still worthwhile? YT had a video from 2014 still showing the modems as functional. I bought it mainly try out the TBA wardialer. Also acquired "ptelnet", a terminal app. I was strolling through a dead blog, Ninja Palm Syndicate that listed interesting apps but all dead links it seems. Any tips, stories, info or apps to share from the Palm OS era with a noob?
  14. This thread made me wanna call a CVS as well, so I did just that. I spoofed the main number as my number and was placed inside some kind of VMB that wanted me to enter my password, no idea how their password system works.
  15. Rather than start a new thread, I've decided to comment on this with a followup; Yes, ToneLoc and BlueBEEP load up in DOSBOX. What interested me the most is that DOSBOX contains an ability to emulate a modem in some fashion so you could play DOS games that might require a modem function. Following the instructions from here- http://breakintochat.com/blog/2013/04/17/telnet-to-bbs-within-dosbox-emulator/ I was able to correctly configure ToneLoc to detect the DOSBOX modem, and surprisingly it did not return any kind of modem error. It began working and dialing, but I was so puzzled at my success I thought I should take a step back and wonder if this was really dialing to the outside world or not, as I didn't really configure a dial list at all since I was just tinkering. BlueBEEP seemed to functioning and dialing correctly as well without returning any kind of modem error, I also did not set up anything for a real scan, just testing to see if it found the emulated modem. THC-SCAN 2.0 did not detect any modems at all. I hope someone more practiced than I can delve deeper into this and see if and what the modem emulation functionality is of DOSBOX.