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  1. unity , pretty nice on my machine
  2. southern hospitality is always good , being another man from the south I salute you for holding "good" southern values in your day to day life.
  3. Yea finding a good book , and reading it is good , as well as trying to code the concepts you learn as soon as you read about them. With a book , a good text editor with syntax highlighting, a good compiler, and a irc channel for the language you're trying to learn and you should be set. ps: I just started learning c++ this semester as my first language , so I know from experience...
  4. I own a n800 , and I have a 2 gig card and a 8 gig card, and with canola, airsnort, nmap , nano , transmission , pidgin , and vgna it is my Laptop replacement and its so easy to carry. The integrated camera is also nice , and fun to use/show off to my friends. Overall my n800 is a big hit with my friends at school , but too complicated for them in the end. oh and sketch ftw : )
  5. thats my wallpaper on my n800 , its a nice background
  6. is arm considered exotic ???
  7. The girls lie and put their age as 14 then in their about me they say "Im not really 14 im 13 I go to Blah Blah Blah Middle School, I like to drink my smirnoff blah blah blah", Im in high school I know this I get friend requests from middle schoolers all the time. but yea if ur not that age teens from 13-17 are lame and not worth the risk when u can just find a girl who is like 19 or 20 who needs "money for college" or a girl worth meeting/ inteligent enough to have a conversation with.
  8. eh i guess my first real hack was this past year (im a sophomore in high school now) I found a way to get past their so called "security " and opened up a terminal find out the ip went home found they had remote desktop server , but with that terminal I was able to do stuff they had disabled on the computers so it was I guess cool but also lame
  9. you may not have thought of this but what about mac users who just bought an intel mac and are now dual booting windows and mac . Having safari on their windows partition makes them seem more at home , and I like it more than ff (Im using it in windows now) . PS: I never really liked firefox.
  10. yea at msft is goes like this , award programmers for their hardwork, give them mvp, if their idea is so great and supports their free products you take their shit away, if its really great you threaten to sue their ass on "patent infringement " if its that good. Sit back relax and bash other non msft products.
  11. Thats my fear , that microsoft is gonna "make deals" with major distro's and eventually take alot of money away from enterprise linux .
  12. the article is found here
  13. it still has its tiny cult yes
  14. need any help with this , Im not the most experinced with linux but I wouldnt mind helping you with this distro.