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  1. So funny thing happened to me. I have TV with the most crooked company in the world. My wife (when she lived on her own) had bought a digital box with ALL the channels subscribed on it. At my house, we have basic cable now. But, we are allowed up to 4 receivers so i figured hey we have a spare one lets plug it in and see what happens. At first it wasn't working. Went onto their website, and there is an option to reset all cable boxes. VOILA. Downstairs i have basic cable. Upstairs i have EVERYTHING. The problem is its killing use to have basic cable downstairs so we'd like to upgrade to have HD channels. Im worried, in case some sort of "zapping" of the upstairs box could occur, that i would be losing my only edge I have on this crooked company. I don't know nearly enough about all this so I'm curious. Could that happen or am I being too paranoid. ps. sorry for the long write up. Thank you ahead of time