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  1. Not google voice, Sprint. Thanks
  2. I went to a RT and found a bunch of metal that a technician left and one had a number engraved on the metal. When I called it from my handheld it just kept on dialing and dialing like never stop ringing. I am going to have to go to a cabinet and call from a att landline. Any suggestions on what it is?
  3. both Yeah don't doubt it where I live bellsouth still pretty much runs the place and AT&T is just kinda their. No numbers worked. I'm assuming they set up wifi only.
  4. So I had a AT&T tech come over and install a dsl line into my house. I bought a dsl filter but when I place a call it says (sorry the number cannot be completed as dialed. For directory assistance please dial 411 or a local directory number) which is weird because I cannot call any number without that happening. Anybody know why?
  5. A myster withen another mystery phone number. Like the stuff att does is all a mystery. Or like a file searcher in area 51 or the government files. Just a number you can in and can navigate through the files
  6. Anybody have any info on this? I see this all the time on vrads and remote co's and antennas. Once I went to a antenna station with a At&t tech and he punched a code in the door and walked right in even though it said it had a alarm. I think it is just a scare tactic so you don't open it. Any info or insight would be cool haha anyways Thanks.
  7. I seriously think the place is abandoned or defunct noting was running but the lights were on. If it stops raining today we will probably run down their. I will probably bring my laptop and some hard drive cords so I can sync the data off the hard drives. To be honest though I don't think they go down their often. Haha the coolest thing was the old bellsouth employee id badge. Anyways I will try to make my way down their but if I can't like I said I'll post the gps coordinates.
  8. Its in south Orlando. When I get back to the hotel and get my computer I will post the coordinates. I'm on my phone and don't have Google maps. Also when I get back I will give a full detailed description about the place.
  9. The best part about it is that their was 2 phones 1 had a shit ton of number in a book next to the phone "Touch tone phone" and next to it was a orange phone with no numbers no rotary noting at all. I have no clue where it went but I assume it was a direct line to network operations I picked up the receiver and it started dialing.
  10. Most definitely. I would seriously drive 6 hours to see it again.
  11. Me and my dad were driving around Orlando and went to a At&t switch building and to my surprise in the back their was a cable as thick as the bottom of a 1 gallon milk jug. Anyways we walked to find where it went and stumbled upon a little remote switch and the door was open so we walked inside and their was a staircase that went down and we walked down it looked like a cev but bigger. We found alot of old stuff. Bellsouth/Southern and southwestern bell manuals a few test sets and about 5 1ESS switches (don't really know if that is weird) we also found contamination suits with the bell logo???!! Upon further look we found a few hard drives. Tomorrow we are gonna go back to take a few things and take pictures. Their is absolutely no way to drive back to the facility it is surrounded by woods and the only way to drive their is by driving through the main switch. AT&T is punched into the door and also "ORLANDO12AT" is on the door with stickers. This has been the weird telco facility I have ever seen. Pictures will be posted tomorrow if I get a chance to go back out their if not when I get home tomorrow I will post gps coordinates. Till then stay curious my friends.
  12. Any hackers or phreaks wanna meet up in sc? Npa-843 hit me up in the thread or pm.
  13. I read a book last year called "Ghost in the wires" by Kevin Mitnick and he talked about calling into a switch and added a number and all kinds of good things. I just wanna know how do you call into a switch? When I call I hear tones noting like Kevin talked about. I can telnet into one or at least telnet into the username and password part and not log in. I also know my local switch is a dms-100/1ESS. Also how can I find my switches local number? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  14. This was a pretty cool read. Thanks.
  15. Haha no I do not work for Bellsouth, actually Bellsouth is no longer around! AT&T bought them! I am just a phreaker, that is how I have access inside of this haha. Easiest way to open a crossbox is to get a 7/16 nut driver. It's just a hex bolt and when you put the nut driver on the bolt turn to the right and a spring will pop and you then turn the handle to the right and pull out and then it opens! I will be posting a lot of more things about AT&T!