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  1. You can run the program in a virtual machine, using something like VMWare or VirtualBox. That way, if it is a virus, your computer won't be infected and you can just delete the vm. Or you could run it in sandboxie, which makes sure that the program doesn't write anything to the hard drive, but then again you are still running it so there is a possibility of infection. Just try the first option or don't download the software in the first place.
  2. As far as I know, there is no GSM service in Japan, so the phone is probably CDMA (AT&T is GSM in the US). As for using it with a CDMA carrier, you'll have a hard time considering that in Japan the transmit and recieved frequencies are switched.
  3. I would try DeliLinux. It's a distro on which development ceased around the time of the 2.4 kernel, and the reason is to allow it to run great on old machines like yours. I tried it and it was the only thing that ran on an old p2 i had lying around, so give it a try. You can get it from
  4. It looks like you will need to go into failsafe mode, grab the video card drivers, and install them from there. It'll be command line only through the whole operation so if you post your hardware specs, we'll be able to tell you all the steps necessary. But without that there's nothing we can do.
  5. This one really has me stumped. I have to design a notebook a non-standard line layout (two thick and one thin... really weird) and I used Illustrator to create the lines, and its just one big file for the whole page, but it doesn't seem to import correctly into Indesign. The pattern of the lines is wrong and even Windows Fax and Picture Viewer gets it right! I really don't know what could be causing this and maybe someone here has more experience with this program. Thanks, anubis
  6. Watch out though because most anti-virus software wants to get rid of Cain/Abel since many have used it maliciously at work, school, etc.
  7. As far as I know, I don't think that Powerpoint has the ability to 'read' html, the drag 'n drop is the way they want you using it. Microsoft Office isn't the best software for experimentation, its geared towards a more corporate, educational, or newb users. Just out of curiosity, why would you use Powerpoint over open source software like OpenOffice in the first place?
  8. I'm going on vacation to Poland next week and I realized that I know absolutely nothing about phones there. Anyone here know how to have fun with them, explore, etc?
  9. You may want to read this guide on red boxing from our friends at the PLA: which gives a pretty good intro. It's newer than blue boxing but also obsolete. If your goal is not to experiment with the system but to just place free calls, mess around with VoipBuster (
  10. Ophcrack ( would be a good bet if you can boot off of a cd. If not, try the afore mentioned safe mode boot, which you can get to by repeatedly pressing F8 during boot, somewhere between the BIOS screen and the Windows bootsplash.
  11. And we just have to decide which binrev'er would be picked to be the guy who was jackin off.
  12. What happens is when you download any patch you also get WGA, even if you do not want it. There's no reason to update since it'll still get pwned by viruses on a regular basis, so spare yourself many headaches and turn off Windows Updates on any computer you use or support.
  13. Unless you move to Siberia, you're not safe. Even from there they can extradite you. True anonymity is not hiding, in my opinion, but rather making them think you're someone else. Now I don't condone illegal activities, but there sure is a hell of a lot of info out there on creating fake aliases, names, addresses, whatever. If you want to learn about something like that, Google around, but don't get traced in the process
  14. To be honest, Ubuntu is well rounded and newb friendly, but it also has a very large support community which many of the smaller distros lack.
  15. Congrats on making it to Harvard Anyways, you're on the right track. The .smil file is xml based and my guess is that opening it in notepad or nano would reveal the necessary info.