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  1. It needs a little bit of setting up antenna wise but other than that the first port of call is then look in the UHF section, he may have some recordings. Years back (actually now that I come to think of it, back in 2009-2010 time) there was some analog C-band phone patches that were still up and relaying traffic from Morocco and Algeria. Essentially for that though you needed a big ol' dish (like 3m iirc) and a C-band LNB after which you tuned in to the IF of the signal and voila! In the clear conversations 70% in Arabic, 29% French and 1% in English if I remember correctly.
  2. I was pretty active back in 2009/2010 with exploration and scanning, this is to the best of my recollection In the UK there was some widely shared numbers that in the 90s were C5 directs as well as being free to call (0800 numbers), by 2009-2010 time only two remained: Bahamas on 0800 890 135 (it had some kind of filter on and you wasn't able to seize at any point during the call) and Paraguay on 0800 890 595, outside of the capital city sometimes numbers in Paraguay would travel over C5 routes too. In addition to this pre-earthquake calls to certain parts of Haiti would travel over C5 lines when you called numbers outside of Port-au-Prince, post earthquake in 2011 they for obvious reasons no longer worked. As far as numbers I'd have to dig through my old notes which are put away goodness knows where. Cuba was a place that I was planning on scanning before I became too busy with life and dropped out, I believe they have (had?) a mixture of the latest Chinese stuff in Havana and some of the older Soviet era crossbar stuff.
  3. I haven't used their VMB or PBX for about a year or so but I know that their excellent BBS is still up and running.
  4. I don't know about others and I most certainly do not speak for Binrev or Stankdawg but I can certainly speak for myself when I say I'd rather engage in self mutilation of my genitalia than help you. The main stream media are nothing but a bunch of vapid vultures circling a dying man waiting to come down and take a pick of it in the hope of getting fatter. Your experience with others may vary but my response is: No, fuck off.
  5. With regards to phreak box the only link you need ever read is: RP
  6. In short yes you can use a DTMF generator to dial however the Security Guards tend to get quite suspicious when you start fiddling around to the point of coming over and the fact you're lurking on the phone to say "Taxi for Dave at Tesco Islington please". To conclude yes it will work but the reward isn't worth it.
  7. Please do
  8. Not technically youtube but interesting none the less. TProphets "Phreaks, Confs and Jail interesting video about the old skool days. Hacking international networks over VoIP. By Jfalcon and Da Beave of Telephreak, very interesting and highly recommended watch.
  9. Not a bad article, but the thing to remember, the media would be more than willing to make a controversy out of flushing a toilet if it sold more papers.
  10. The word "Hacker" means a lot of different things to different people. Some will tell you it's "pwning t3h w3bs1t3z w1t t3h RF1'Z L0LZ", some will tell you it's a mindset and a liftstyle and others will tell you it's adding an LED to a t-shirt. Hacking is whatever you yourself define it to be, it is to me a hobby which enables me to do stuff and look at things people only ever dream of or see in movies. Hacking is something where you invest time and effort, you are rewarded with cool stuff in return.
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  12. Phreaking isnt dead, blah blah etc etc. r4p1d well done for wanting to take the first steps in phreaking. For a start you should learn how the PSTN works, for a read I highly recommend "The Broadband Telecommunications Handbook" it covers everything from ADSL to SS7. Also most boxes are for the most part (here in the UK a few work still) to learn what is myth, fact and dead take a look at this it's a review of all phreaking boxes encountered by the clone, he gives well argued reasons as to why it's myth, fact or dead. I also noticed you said why wardial? I am going to assume for arguments sake that you have checked out the "interesting numbers" thread, most if not all of those numbers have been found from either wardialling or "hand scanning". You will also encounter other cool things that you will want to sit and work out what it is. Another reason I personally wardial is it enables me to swap my cool finds with other people which in turn enables me to explore a little further. I personally am not a massive VoIP fan, and I despair when people go "hurrrr install asterisk" well sure VoIP is the new frontier in phreaking, hell it enables you to manipulate SS7 indirectly however it isnt the be all and end all of phreaking be sure to remember that. Next up as decoder said, that phone in your pocket is fairly capable of doing some pretty cool shit take a look around a few forums you will see for yourself. Another thing well worth researching is DECT hacking/phreaking dedected has all the information you need. Last but not least I highly recommend watching and reading this lecture essentially it gives you a look into how SS7 on the mobile network works. I hope you find this info useful and please feel free to ask more questions if you have any. RP
  13. Perhaps if you were to post a number someone here might be kind enough to call it and identify the tones for you. If you ask nicely of course.
  14. As Ohm said Ubuntu is just fine for a netbook if you just want it working. I personally have installed all number of OS' on my Netbook ranging from Debian to Arch and after the inital kerfuffle of getting it working it's all run fine. Ubuntu wise though I recommend Fluxbuntu or Xubuntu (my preference is Xubuntu which uses XFCE). HTH RP
  15. Nah man that's far to high skilled for me :rockon:
  16. With GBPPR's help a few devices on his site.
  17. This is for the most part US-Centric information, we dont have things like Swatting in this country, 411, ring back for Pizza places etc. If however you're interested in learning more hit me up and I will do my best to answer, if I can't then I definetly know people who can answer you. Oh and keep an eye our for the new Phreaking zine a few of us are putting together, there will be tons of new and relevant info in there.
  18. No shit? This is a most super l33t underground txt file I have ever seen!!!!11!! you sure as shit show those lame 10 year olds eh?
  19. This without doubt is the best textfile I have ever had the pleasure to read. Do you have anymore wonderful insights into the world of phreaking?.
  20. Nothing to much to worry about, like I say to almost everyone just be careful about who you talk to and about what to people. On a side note lucky the U.S has the statute of limitations
  21. My first was ... hmmm about 5 odd years ago (I was a late starter) when I found a country direct C5, went onto IRC to ask people a few questions and the rest as they is history. Actually thinking about it a little further, when I was in secondary school a certain model of payphone used to give you free calling with a certain key combination when pressed that we discovered.
  22. To be quite honest, you're asking in the wrong place. Just to save your time, no one here is likely to share with you how to do it (if indeed they do know). Might I suggest you try and find out yourself? (I'm not trying to be rude, just constructive). Good luck with that though.
  23. Hey guys, whilst hunting around for SS7 information I found this. Essentially it's just a little quick quiz on SS7. For those who dont have any or very little knowledge of SS7 should read this first. Have fun RP
  24. I personally would expect this was some kind of Bluetooth based attack (the first part of the story). This so called " Cell Spy Software" needs to be physically installed on the phone, so the person would need to have left the phone laying around (I think the carrier can remotely install software without authentication)