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  1. Hi Guys, I opened my account here to see if you guys could help me. I put myself into a huge problem... I used a program called Kryptel to encrypt a folder of personal information, however, the program is not allowing me access to my own folder with the password I used to create it. Is there anything anyone can do to help me decrypt it? I can give you any information you may need.... I have some starters but you guys will ultimately need to tell me what you need to help me. This is VERY important to me as with out access to this information I am literally screwed.... I used a program called Kryptel to encrypt the folder. The Cyper is AES key size 256 block size 128 Number of rounds 14 scheme Standard Cyphor Mode CTR or Counter. Please let me know if there is anything else I can give you. I really really need some help here, and I am hoping you guys can help.... Thanks! I can email the file to someone if they would like it, but because it contains very personal data, I really don't want to post it here. I also don't want my identity stolen....