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  1. I would pay someone to show me how to do it if possible?
  2. Can anyone help? It would be much appreciated.
  3. That sounds exactly what theyve done. Ill be using it to place my signature onto paperwork that accompanies my product. I think a niceley designed signature would look better than my scribble. The machine takes an SD card.
  4. Aplogies, i should've been clearer. Ive recentley bought a machine (old model, company that makes it is no longer running) that i am going to use to add a nice touch to some work i sell. The file needed for the machine to print on to my work needs to be a .bin file. The image i want printed is in a jpg format. I hope this makes sense and youll have to please excuse my ignorance regarding file types etc. Is this even possible?
  5. As above, does anyone know how to convert a .jpg to a .bin file ? Thanks !