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  1. Holy thread necrophilia! Craigslist generally uses an email proxying system, which complicates things. If you disable that and have people send directly to your email address (you can sign up for a free one temporarily), then you can try viewing the email headers and looking for an IP there. If he's sending from the same address every time, or has the same pattern in the subject line, you could also try setting up a filter to delete matching inbound messages. Blocking him by IP might not do any good anyway because most people use hosted email solutions...
  2. Yeah, but that requires a voice modem, which I don't have. Also modemspy is shareware, and only like a 30 day trial. I like hardware solutions better, anyway. A ditto box works for my purposes, though. I wouldn't think this would fry my lines, I assumed it was one way from my wall socket to my phone line to my headphones. What I basically did was splice the green phone wire with the yellow&white headphone wires, and then spliced both reds together.
  3. Since a telephone has very different impedence and draw characteristics than a pair of headphones, what you're doing is effectively shorting out the line with your tap. Oh crap, I didn't know that. I'm probably better off using my ditto box instead. I'm not really using it, I just wanted to see if it would work, so buying anything doesn't make much sense.
  4. OK, I made a simple phone tap by splicing a phone cord with a headphone cord. The problem is that when it is plugged in, the voltage (I think I heard somwhere it is 9) loss causes the phone to lose volume, and become hard to hear. I was wondering if there was a way to counteract that. I had the thought to attach the positive part of a 9-volt battery to the tip (green) line on my home-made phone tap, and the negative part of the 9-volt to the ring on my tap. I was wondering if this would: A: Solve the problem B: Fry headphones C: Fry wiring D: B and C E: None of the above