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  1. Here's some cool numbers that I remember from back in the day which still work. A lot of them are probably well known, but at the least they may be useful to noobs like myself? 419-475-9894 - Some scratchy noise 419-225-9895 - Echoey, distant "number is not in service" 206-424-8422 - Phone Losers of America Telephone Network Interface. Can link you to some answering machines for hacking, provides a conference line, theres an incomplete adventure game, and you can access some gag features with A, B, C and D. 909-390-0003 - Cool echo line 914-737-9938 - CPTA Announcement recorded by a guy who couldn't give a f*** 202-965-9907 - "You have just deactivated this feature" 206-343-0011 - "This call requires a coin deposit..." 605-475-6967 - Joke Psychiatric Hotline Not sure if this was helpful or worthless....I tried!
  2. Thanks that will probably come in handy. I'll definitely need to go get some materials. I have most of the restoration done now, I expect to be finished in two days...hopefully. I'm on a bit of a time constraint as a lot is going on right now. Thanks for your help, I'm probably going to rush it and use what I have laying around right now to at least have something semi-functioning and go back to work out the bells and some other issues when I get the chance. I'll post some pics in a few days when and if I'm finished. Thanks!
  3. Here are some pics of the intercom, the bell mechanism and an old ad for the intercom which is the only information I could find on it. The intercom is mostly in pieces at the moment, so I only have one "before" picture that I took before I started working on it. The intercom This is the bell mechanism with the bells detatched The top right is the one I'm working on
  4. I'm pretty sure its a standard WE ringer, I may go down that route if I have to. I guess it'd be slightly more authentic that way too. Thanks for the help!
  5. I didn't know where to ask this question but this seemed like the right place, I apologize if its not. I'm restoring an old 1922 telephone (technically its an apartment intercom, but I'm turning it into a phone with circuitry I removed from a modern chorded phone as most of the original insides are missing anyway). The only issue I'm having is connecting the bells to a spot where they would ring upon an incoming call. I attatched the bells to a 9 volt and they worked. Is there a place on a standard phone line or on telephone circuitry where something is only powered during an incoming call but isn't powered when the reciever is picked up? I attatched some pictures of the modern phone whose insides I'm using. Thanks for any help, I know I may not have posted this in the right place. Thanks!