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  1. Hey guys and gals, Just thought I would read this Nubie HQ and get acquainted with the forums a bit. I found this place by accident one night at work. I work at UCF (University of Central Florida) and hope to eventually finish my edumacation here. I also work at a local attraction scaring the daylights out of tourists. I have been listening to the archived episodes of Binrev Radio and have had a blast listening to the rants StankDawg goes off on. Right now I am computerless at home; I love lightening and really feel stupid for not spending the extra money on a UPS. But oh well. Hopefully, I will soon have something to bring to the table as it were. A little bit about my background: Nuclear Electronics Technician ( 4 years ) Electrical Engineering/ Computer Science Major ( Currently in progress ) I have a passion for knowledge/understanding and strive to know a little bit about everything. So, I hope noone gets upset when I ask questions that might be a little nubish. Well I hope to get to know a few of you guys and gals, especially those of you in the 407. Lates, :rockon: Nibbles _____________________________________________________________________________________