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  1. IT's interesting .. I joined the local chapter here in around 2006 just for informational purposes. It's a good way to keep an eye on little brother to see what the GOV is up to in your area. However it got boring and I got tired of all the email/spam so I dumped it.
  2. dickheads of their gaming system is easy lets rigg digg
  3. Wow didnt the first video podcast called break this story that is neo-digger rigged materal and the other social shitheads are running like wild fire.
  4. No I have never seen this. However, I think this would be a huge pain in the ass for it to work as you would think it would. Certainly wouldnt be good for undercovershit, I see neck pains and blurry shots as the unit tries to focus and not run into too many blind spots. Could be wrong, but seems a bit thinkgeek hoakey to me.
  5. Exploits and malware most times are user behavior related and not paying attention to installations for "free stuff". Really I am a malware expert in this manner and I still get infected once in awhile, not windows fault it is the places I get careless at times about and trust me all OS's are vunerable to the same user behavior that makes a windows experience bad.
  6. I agree with that statement. My fiancée thinks that I am insane for even bothering with linux. She's says things like: "If it's so damn hard to get the wifi card working right on that machine, why don't you just use windows?" Which I would reply with "Because once I get it working, I know that I got it working. I didn't use an executable to figure it out for me." Yeah but why reinvent the wheel all the time when you dont have to? Wow you can spend all this time to make a cheap piece of hardware working on a free OS.. ugh I guess I felt the same way about hacking the xbox but at least that changed what the xbox could do. I mean really how many damn wardrivers that want to be good security wpa experts are there?
  7. this is exactly what im talking about. people might have something go wrong once or twice and then talk about it as if it happens all the time, people like to act as if linux is this magical os that walks on water and never has a hiccup, never has any errors, never crashes, never has any errors, is soooo super easy and simple for anyone to use, which is simply just not the case. Agreed 100% I remeber when ME came out and I switched from Win2k ASAP to it. The problem was Win2k was horrible this (was pre SPacks grant you(, because it had the flaws in indexing/Ntfs not quite getting Fat yet), and too much overhead for what it really could do. But I loved WinNT/ Win98 for what it could pull of multimedia wise; thus the illusion of 2000 was it would merge the best of both worlds simply wasnt ready at the time till 2000 severs started to rollout and admins + service packs came to learn their BS MCSE2000 crap to make Win2000 work strictly as a business OS.. Then it was fine under a corp environment... However this was the same problem was ME vs 98se, honestly it worked quite well if you did the upgrade install from 98SE and yeah it was mostly just a gui/networking component refresh of 98.. Fresh installs of WinME had problems with drivers and other parts of the 98/95 .dll/driver base that it really shared with upgrade .cab installations. Yet you really couldnt upgrade NT 4.0 you had to do a fresh install. ( Plenty of room for debate here however this is not the talking point) but with WinME it worked the other way.. Two OS's in a very short amount of time to fill the GAP and the needed user base to finalize XP. However the problem with both 2000 and ME is they were mere refreshes of NT and 98.. Thus when XP came out it merged the problems of both of these over time into something of complex migration of NTFS and FAT into something that would appease business and Multimedia users. It no matter how much people bitched were the steps in the right direction of challenging merging a business and a consumer OS into the success XP has been. Linux OS's have never achieved a status of merging that stature. Ubuntu is the closest thing to emerge and OSX with the unix shell... But really no UX OS has ever had the stability and driver support for hardware like windows. Personally I would rather "Jizzmop" Windows security flaws all damn day including malware. Most malware is all caused by behavior patterns, as with linux folk get mad in the same token when they complain of security, gui, kernel and compatibility issues with games. For me I personally think that unix/linux open source are only worth a damn in closed platforms likes POS, Routers and Gaming Machines (Xbox,Xbox360 Hybrid OS's) because once the structure is made just for a specific purpose it does work with less overhead. However it comes down to what the hell you want to do with your machine and what hangs you up in your experience. Like I said I would rather clean malware all day long as security holes in windows are griped about by Linux/Mac peeps because of all the other things that do work in windows that dont work on their OS. But for me the soultions are always quick and usually bad habits. Windows does and will always be an OS than can embrace most all the problems rather than fanboys snubbing other N00b's and not trying to really innovate to the massive population and not just a trendy group. Yes the rising Mac Fan Boys see the same problem as their OS even with their BSD based cmd prompt is still closed off to make an universal but slightly open experience that Windows can achieve too. And the last note it all comes down to who makes the hardware work well with any current OS and have hardware specs perform on all levels of gaming, security, DB, Multimedia, *.* .. This will take people wanting to not bitch and figure out what works best for them.
  8. The Creator of PHLAK is a very good friend of mine that I have known my whole life, James and Shawn both moved and got hired by other companies. PHLAK was a very good distro , I was responsible for getting them a feature on the screen savers back in techtv days. They are not behind the selling of this, and they have forgone their domain due to too many GOV/MIL type intrests that made them a bit paranoid. Dont ever purchase this as they are not getting money from this, thus they took all offline, pm me if you want their last FATMAN or LITTLEBOY version
  9. As we all are! Rose is a bitch, he friend who fucked the teleprompter up as a co-host helps fuck with the skew, him and calanius are in it together as well...
  10. What OS you wanting it for and what model number of modem? Search usually in the year and the model number.. There are some project groups that have this, just get the model number and year it will work. If not post your info here and one of us will help
  11. I wouldnt mind having an old school Mickey Mouse Rotary Phone, or a Garfield phone for jazz
  12. Some people think an upgrade install is a format which isnt. Just was clarifying what method he was actually going to perform.
  13. Ah good ol 10-10-2880
  14. Also no offense to orion, but the ones that skid and aren't them ,are easy to paradox a sid song loader, make a patch that fails(when passed in trojan) and back to square zero and thus get all the .box .ws sites to leet them something over 50 ad banners worth of active-x exploits and JS virii.. It is almost worth to pay for the stupid shit if your are a stupid shit, and that is not flaming, that is to all whom want to hack their schools, emails, friends pc's, and do the same thing that criminals in jail make the excuse for stealing a creditcard and getting caught for maxing it out on a set of rims. Give and take
  15. Not to mention the people that think having protection allows them to blindly run cracks or go to sites that wont infect them.. This comes as well as to being on shit torrent sites, and adding a shitload of tool bars because of not looking at the things you install. If you think that any AV/AS works then you are behind like the security suites are, at least 0-9 before a fix is QA'd to be fixed. It is always going to be the gimmick with security software, some one will release a 0-day exploit, 1 hour later a trojan,spy,*.* adware server is made. The good ones are already infected in BHO's that are in IE and FFox even if you dont use ie. Then the AV/AS/MAL protection companies will take their time to make sure they got the fix, meanwhile the good malware has already fucked your popular PC condoms, and punched holes so deep it will take a slew of shots and fixes. To which everyone blames on Windowz and really it is the active seeking of exploits in shit like Norton and McAfee that send the MaM attack to exploit and poison the AV.. Thus never use anything, just man up to your userdom. If you are really that careful, you havent been that careful if you even use an Anti-whatever program. You wanted to crack a program(thus when I get bit I knew it and owned up to it, I didnt use a jailhouse excuse that my girlfriend got that bruise because she pulled a FightClub_) I closed off HTML in my email. I didnt click even once to believe I was getting a free 360, and understood that a legal debate makes all this crap still go on.. If you install AD-ware, then it sends your information to a spyware bot, whom sends that to a real trojan, and they make their money from your box being a hop and one less trace to ever getting caught. Then the Anti Virii dipshits hire these fuckheads when they get caught, making a deal to avoid jail time. Just expecting them to be the straight and narrow for the fear of being exposed, thus the double agents of keeping pc and future mac users in the dark. Because I have never seen an infected machine, that wasnt infected by user habit, not to be crass.. But many think if they have a shitty AV they can run, dumbfuck.exe crack from orion, or something to that extent. Wow and it might make your 3000 dollar program work, instead of finding a serial key. And it does And LETS let the fanboy shit begin Linux, Unix, Mac, Novell, Windows, Shit= Well you think an OS for hacking is safe?. Well you think that gui for a hacking OS is safe?, You think that bsd-based on a hacking os even though dubious to users is safe?, You think that these other dipshits wont try to attack the leader of the OS marketshares?, and see how the spagetthi code was all fucked from win31? Shit= really fanboy crap that wont get your shit to working, etc. I think console when I think of security, meaning not just game systems, but Wyse, Kiosks, etc.. No anti-virus is good, be better then them, if you must use know you strengths then get the infection out before it makes it a pain in the ass.