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  1. Most ISP's SMTP server has authentication turned on for an IP address outside of there range
  2. how can u verify anon vid being an anon vid, and not a vid from scientology playing it up?
  3. if they were a cisco phone, much like a switch, im sure that PC port would of been disabled on a public access phone in the foyer etc
  4. just some simple tin foil behind the antenna, in the direction of the laptop works well too
  5. http://www.textfiles.com/hacking/UNIX/bestunix.hac this is the link i use now as u found out, it looks legit, but if someone was to examine the headers of the email, they could find were it was sent from and MOST ISP's SMTP servers dont allow mail relay from outside of there network.
  6. i always seem to find the best passwords are adjectives like funny, fantastic, wonderful etc plus some numbers, and ur sweet
  7. do an "ipconfig" and see whats new in that window
  8. do they have it shared as a network share?? once u have a VPN setup as u have done, treat it like ur at a LAN party etc, and ur sitting beside him......you would go through network places etc to find there share folder
  9. i just use the IE tab extension for FF
  10. create another email
  11. i think u need IE core files to run that
  12. webserver is the PC that a website is hosted on if your just learning, theres heaps of free php hosting sites just google it ur ISP may even have hosting with PHP support
  13. that part is a bit alarming...............u are using the file and settings transfer wizard to import them back onto the PC right??
  14. IRC

    i like xchat
  15. ummmmm it says in that document to put the computer in a DMZ.................ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!!!! :cuss: i hope the poster didnt write this article