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  1. I wasn't really wanting to open up the notebook. But thanks for your help. I am trying to find a way of generating a master password.
  2. I've just recently bought a Dell Inspiron | 9300 and when I start it up, it says that it is locked with a password authentication system. it says to entert the system or administrator password. Do you guys have any idea exactly what type of lock this is and where I can go for help with my problem? I have searched google countless times with no luck. Thanks. By the way, I didn't pay much for this laptop either, I knew someone would say something about it.
  3. I know I am a newbie and all to the forums, but I haven't seen anything like this in the forums. I'm not even sure If it belongs in here but it is related to phones....? Anyways, I have a nextel and I was 2-waying numbers the other day and I came across this guy who is funny as hell. Sometimes he would reply by repeatedly hitting the 2-way button for like 5 minutes straight. Anyways, I thought it would be cool if everyone posted their 2-way number (If they wanted to, ofcourse). So to start off, here is mine, [REMOVED BY MODERATORS] I'm sorry if this post is lame and flame-worthy, but I need to make some posts of mine own. Thanks.
  4. Okay, that's cool. I'm about to search google for some Mac forums.
  5. First of, let me say Hello to everyone and I am glad to finally be able to join BinRev. It's a long story why I've not been able to join. Anyways, I was wondering If anyone could point me towards a tutorial that has more information about booting into SUM mode on a mac. I've searched google endlessy and I have come up with some good tutorials, but they never list what to do if there is an error. What I am talking about is when I boot into SUM mode I enter the commands and my Mac does nothing at all. So then I have to manually shut it down which I know is damaging my Mac in someway. Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.