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  1. Load it with a custom ROM (ROMEOS ROMs are great). There are also several threads about great software for it.
  2. It indexes 150 other torrent sites, so you type in your search once and then can view results from every other torrent site on the list.
  3. Check - You should be able to find something through the manufacturer forum (LG) or the Provider forum (Verizon?).
  4. It is quite safe for surfing anonymously/acting as a proxy chain. If you do something bad/illegal, however, I'm fairly certain that the actions could be traced back to your computer, regardless of how many proxies you're using. Assuming, that is, that whoever is investigating you has the equipment and know-how to do that.
  5. So, I've been playing around with RainbowCrack and I've decided that it would be completely unfeasable to generate custom Rainbow Tables for this project, assuming even that we could all get together on this, generate a portion of the tables and then get them together in one central location (with enough TB of disk space to accomodate) and sort them and then crack the hash. Probably common knowledge to most of you, but I'm new to this and just taught myself about RainbowCrack and all the specifics this afternoon. Even generating custom rainbow tables that will compute every 10-character alphanumeric hash would take several hundred/thousand years, so it's out of the question. Would there be any other way to solve this besides brute forcing it and just getting lucky? Also, I was looking at and they say they accept ntlm hashes in the following format: Administrador:500:AAD3B435B51404EEAAD3B435B51404EE:8846F7EAEE8FB117AD06BDD830B7586C::: But that differs from the format in the file xof7 created. What do the 500 and the "AAD3B435B51404EEAAD3B435B51404EE" signify? Why do the two formats differ? Is the file xof7 posted a valid hash format to be uploading to (although I realize they probably wouldn't have enough computing power to perform this, either. Or am I just way off on this computational time thing? Any help on these issues is greatly appreciated. I'm really enjoying learning this stuff on this exercise.
  6. True. I'm sure it could serve some purpose, I'm just not sure how efficient it would be. And I can distinctly remember that my first computer was a 486 DX2 that ran at 66 Mhz. I used to dial up on a 2400 baud modem. I can appreciate the hardware he's working with.
  7. DSL would be about your only choice, since you only have 340 MB of space, but I don't think it would even be worth putting linux on it. Linux runs great on 500 Mhz CPUs, but I've never seen it installed on anything as old as your laptop.
  8. I've checked them out. Unfortunately, I can't join the project at this time since all my boxen are running F@H, so they are already spiked at 100% CPU usage.
  9. Good to know. Wish I had those 733t skillz.
  10. I'm wondering about the comment on that page (read the last comment. Now, sure, I can specificy certain parameters in Cain and Abel, for example the min and max character set are both set to 15, since I know the 3rd hash is 15 characters, plus it's moderate complexity, so lowercase, uppercase, and numbers. But, realistically, it'll take a looooooooong time to actually crack this (3.4e+012) unless someone just gets lucky, won't it?
  11. Sweet! Thanks xof7!