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  1. 501

    So what's up for this month? I plan on getting the word out a little more so I'll be there regardless. Oh and checkout the updates to my site: WtheF.Com
  2. Also check out HackADay, for some reason they've had a lot of circuit bending projects lately like this one Modem Bending Ahhh the sounds of a modem ........ like a chalk board.
  3. And if that dosen't help I posted this a while back. So if I were to plug in 336 [256]-1 (Remainder 80) [128]-1 (Remainder 48) [64]-1 (Remiander 16) [16]-1 you would get 111010000 You could then plugin the 2 numbers you want to add followed by the result to see how the bits would register.
  4. And there's always VBScript. Google it KillProcess = "notepad.exe" Set ProcessList = GetObject("winmgmts://.").InstancesOf("win32_process") For Each Process In ProcessList If Process.Name = KillProcess Then Process.Terminate End If Next Save as whatever.vbs I tested it and it does work.
  5. Just listen to these guys. BartPE and Sala's Password Renew. You'll need the following and a copy of WinXP. Download BartPE The following will go in the BartPE Plugins Folder after extracted. Download Password Renew
  6. Sounds pretty hosed. Did you try to replace your command prompt with a shell emulator? When it comes to repairing windows it's near impossible especially if you have system restore turned on (it's breeding ground and haven for viruses, spyware and hijackers). But with tons of registry edits and file deletions from a 3rd party boot such as BARTPE and virus scans you might be able to do a corrective install of windows. Gooooood Luck
  7. 501

    Park Plaza Mall Map And Roll Call For February Meeting Who's going to be there and what topics are being brought to the table?
  8. That's why it's in the Nubie HQ. You got to start somewhere. Just a joke, bro. No, I was just saying that for those new viewing it. Oh and I'm also working on one for HEX Decimal--Hex-------Decimal----Hex--------Decimal----Hex 1----------1----------11----------B-----------30----------1E 2----------2----------12----------C-----------40----------28 3----------3----------13----------D-----------50----------32 4----------4----------14----------E-----------60----------3C 5----------5----------15----------F-----------70----------46 6----------6----------16----------10----------80----------50 7----------7----------17----------11----------90----------5A 8----------8----------18----------12----------100---------64 9----------9----------19----------13----------500---------1F4 10---------A----------20----------14---------1000--------3E8
  9. That's true, but right now I only have my 5w HT (an IC-T90A) and the rubber duck, I don't really have the money to build or buy a decent antenna (if you can give me some links to really good cheap ones, that'd be very appreciated) so I can't pick up a whole lot, which sucks. You can build an antenna for about $3 that will greatly improve performance. I built one for my old realistic hand held and it kept me from buying a new rig for several more years. Figure 9 you can buy the connector at radio shack and use a couple coat hangers if needed. More details on
  10. That's why it's in the Nubie HQ. You got to start somewhere.
  11. Just a little something to help people new to the realm to understand binary. Shown is the conversion of IP octets to binary. Highest number for one octet of an IP is 255 so if you're working with IP's you will only be concerned with values 1-128.
  12. Here for technician class we have 6 Meter or 50MHz but it's rarely active. I use it for meteor scatter studies and packet but I plan to start using it for radio telescope here in the near future. Another good thing is radios might get cheaper with more people on those bands.
  13. This was discussed on BINREV Radio a few episodes ago and on 26Jan2007 it was announced on the ARRL website that morse code requirements will no longer be needed for a General or Amateur Extra class Amateur Radio license starting on Friday, 23Feb2007 although there will still be a written exam. I for one hate learning morse code but give props to those who take the time to learn it. Now I will be gearing up to take the exam for my General Class License. Here's the Full Story
  14. 501

    And don't forget Ubuntu, encryption & ham radio changes. Very good meeting now we just need to spread the word a little more to increase attendees.
  15. 501

    501 Meeting this Friday (26Jan2007). Who's gonna be there?