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  1. Lol. UPS is Neweggs primary shipping provider. funny that you bad mouth them and then tell him to use newegg. No, what's funny here is that you obviously didn't understand my post. People on ebay don't know how to pack shit. Newegg uses plastic cases for their oem drives, packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Do you really want to leave it up to the discretion of some yahoo on ebay how to pack your drive for your *new* machine? Sure the ups guys are the same, but packaging can really make a difference.
  2. that's kind of what i said up there ^
  3. fuck that, just go to newegg if you're gonna buy parts. Do you really wanna get a hard drive in a box? bangin around while the ups guys throw it around in the back of their truck? Don't buy computer parts off ebay to build yourself a new machine, it's really not worth it, if you want to breathe some life into an old pc then go ahead, but don't build a new machine with second hand parts.
  4. Just a quick word of advice about Dell. You know how walmart started sellin dell machines (I believe the inspiron 531 is actually one of the models they offer), well if you go on dell's site and build one there with the same specs it comes out to more than what walmart sells them for. I'm not sure if this applies to regular customers or just the university I work at (we have a contract with dell...that is very bad for us for some reason). A professor wanted this machine (inspiron 531) and from walmart it was ~750 and from dell's site it came out to ~1370 so just beware and do your research first.
  5. Couldn't you just split it in two and use two pages and then just put them up on your wall next to each other, i'm assuming this is what you want to do from the content.
  6. I haven't posted in forever, i might as well be new, whats goin on round hurr
  7. Hello, I am teh n00bz, how's everybody
  8. This URL contains screencasts that detail dual booting opensolaris and windows, as that may not be of much help.... http://frsun.downloads.edgesuite.net/sun/07C00892/index.html there's this link, that talks about dual booting opensolaris and linux http://www.cuddletech.com/blog/pivot/entry.php?id=286
  9. http://linuxdevices.com/news/NS3641622443.html The specs of that thing aren't anything other-worldly, I'm sure Linux would run on that, in fact the article says so. Now would you have the same functionality? Well, it depends on application developers at that point, as well as how good embedded Linux is, something which I have no idea about and thus will not comment
  10. I know this is straying slightly off topic and I'm about to almost disagree with somebody who started their post off with "i agree with hac"....*BUT* how does a driver that allows people to USE their hardware hurt open source? wouldn't it be worse if there were NO nvidia drivers (picking on them for the ease of example), sure it would be nice for them to be open source, but really, i'd rather have closed source than nothing. But yea, please don't reply to this and stay on topic :-D
  11. As many others have said, I hate ubuntu. I mean, it was my first distro, and all. But if you could use gentoo you should try harder distros. I am actually using ubuntu right now, because I woke up a few weeks ago and my partition table was all messed up. I didn't have any other cds, so I just installed ubuntu. Yea, i could use gentoo, i still can, but i don't understand the fascination with a "harder" distro...just that description clashes with the reasoning behind using a computer, aka to make your work smooth and to allow you to *DO* stuff not spend time configuring every little thing, it's just a level of control beyond what I need. I've already gotten my share of using a hard distro...if you wanna call gentoo a "hard" distro? I dunno, everything spelled out for you in a wiki isn't too hard, helpful, not hard, however if you prefer a harder distro you might as well get your kicks in before you get sick of it and just want something that works out of the box
  12. I used gentoo for some 2 years and had gotten very used to it and everything was fine until i was convinced to try Ubuntu. I've not used gentoo since and it feels great, it really does. It also feels good to tell the world that I USE UBUNTU!!!
  13. Just as long as you don't use a printer that's not supported by Linux, setting up printing is as easy as "add new printer". On the other hand if there's no driver for your printer (such as my lexmark z45) then you're more or less fucked and you might as well take it out back and put it out of its misery office space style.
  14. always always check the gentoo wiki http://gentoo-wiki.com/TIP_Force_the_use_of_php-4
  15. IRC

    irc is an easy way to get flamed by jedibebop and kicked by Dr^Zigman
  16. ah no dude, i think i got it off some longhorn beta forum or something like that, a long time ago, something like a year or so...
  17. no but ill upload it here
  18. omfg SPAM!!! http://themes.freshmeat.net/projects/panthflux haha...i remember this from waaaaay long ago i havent used fluxbox in so long, the theme file syntax probably changed like 20 times over.
  19. Some of us NEED to keep a low pro, and some of us DONT really mind about it that much......it all depends what you do with your spare time in your room...heh;) ← the only person i'm afraid to catch me while doing my stuff in my room is my mother ... ... ...
  20. I'm apologize for any trauma the following statements may induce <flame> :grr::grr::grr::grr::grr: oh my fucking god, can somebody please get this user THE SEARCH FUNCTION!!!! argh...im sorry to snap, but god fucking dammit there are SOOOOO many of these posts. god...DAMMIT PEOPLE THERES A SEARCH FUNCTINO RIGHT THERE!!! *points to search link* :grr::grr::grr::grr::grr: </flame>
  21. for kde you have http://baghira.sourceforge.net/ for gnome i bet there are some gtk2 themes that are aqua-ish, but i can't think of any off the top of my head
  22. this might be interesting to try out but the real reason for this post is that they shuold call the distro AWW_HAX!!! </bad joke>
  23. too bad bsd isn't a distro and thus wholy off topic relative to this thread pwn
  24. you people DO realize you're incriminating yourselves, stop saying you do illegal drugs, if they subpoena for ip addresses they WILL get them from your isp or any number of other sources. just chill guys
  25. And now your guide is nicely edited and formatted up on docdroppers, i was thinking abou making a different sticky for this, but this should be good enough i think. http://www.docdroppers.org/wiki/index.php?...stros_for_Noobs