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  1. Palm IIIc + modem connected to some poor saps phone line on the outside of his house at night = cheap anonymous wardialer, but batteries don't last all that long. I used to do this a few years ago when I was looking for some BBS's to prowl. TBA is the software I used, but the link is down right now. And if they get stolen/broken, meh, they can be bought cheap. UM
  2. D-Link offers the DI-804HV with an external COM port for backup 56k modems. If you have an external modem, you could use a solution like this. I have never used AOL so I dont know if they require any special dialing software. If they do, look into a copy of Windows 2003 and their RRAS software, it's basically a pumped up version of ICS for businesses. UM
  3. If you dont have something available from your provider Text Drop allows you to send for free too. Again, you could whip something up to read an RSS feed and then SMS it to yourself. UM
  4. You will most likely need DDR400 (also called PC3200). Some RAM will not work with the current RAM in the system, so try removing the old stuff if it doesn't work at first. UM
  5. Ok, not sure if this would be best posted somewhere else, but here it goes anyways. The last few times I have attempted to copy a DVD for archiving purposes, and so that I don't damage my original store bought copy. I have been getting a rather odd error. I use DVD Decryptor and DVD Shrink 3.2, it does the analyzing fine and I can tell it to cut out the not-english parts for better compression etc. But during the encoding phase even though I tell it to, DVD Shrink isn't buffering to the hard drive, only to the RAM. So that once it gets to about 1900MB into the movie, it crashes saying that it can't buffer any more. Under WinXP (used because I am also a gamer and HL2 doesn't play very well under linux, if at all sometimes) I like a very prestine OS and re-install it quite often compared to most ppl (3-5 times per year). So, I did the whole re-install thing, fresh OS, fresh drivers, fresh install of programs, same problem. Has anyone out there seen this before? And if so, what'd you do to fix it? UM
  6. What processor does it have and at what speed? Also, in the BIOS, if is there, what is the mulitplier for the RAM? UM
  7. I'd have to agree with zal91 about the newest Intel chips, they seem to have the best overall value. But would like to bear warning about 1 thing. Design your system around the motherboard, NOT the CPU. As a technician at a large computer store (not any of the big box places, but an actual computer store where all we sell is computers.) all too often I see systems that were built by "a friend who knows a lot about computers" that use shit boards and shittier power supplies. Basically what you need to do is decide what you are going to use the system for, what features you would like the system to have, and what features you DONT want the system to have. From there, you will have narrowed down your choice of CPUs quite significantly. Keep in mind, all of the modern CPUs are VERY fast. Most benchmarks come out with at most a 20% difference from the lowest chip in the family, to the highest. If you are going to build a system around an Intel chip, use an Intel based motherboard. Preferably the higher 900 series chipset. Also, make CERTAIN that it supports the chip you want to use. For instance, a board based on the 955X chipset will NOT support a Conroe CPU (also known as the "Core" series), but one based on the 975X will. If you are going to build an AMD based system, I would use an nVidia based motherboard. With the right BIOS revision, any motherboard will usually take any chip that designed to fit its socket. Also, make certain that the power supply that you are buying will provide the required power. IMHO, if you are spending less then $90 for the PSU, you didn't get one that will do the job. (Of course if you catch a sale, thats a different story. ) I personally have a Xeon certified 460w Enermax powering a lowly Intel Pentium D 805 w/2GB RAM and 6 HDs. I would suggest using something like this, PSU Calculator to help determine the power usage of your future system. Sorry for the long winded reply, but hopefully this helps you. If you like, I can post links to a number of reviews that people have done for you. Just let me know what you are after and I will see what I can get for you. UM **EDIT** One more thing, if you are going to be using *nix, make sure the distro that you are interested in supports the hard drive controller. One of my systems uses a VIA chipset (can't remember off hand the extact chip) and I can't put Linux on it due to lack of drivers for the HD controller.
  8. Sweet! A new version of the list! UM
  9. I would have to say that theoretically its possilbe to FUBAR some hardware with a virus. How? Some mfgr's (Asus and Gigabyte do for sure) have a live update tool that you can use to flash your motherboard or video card BIOS directly through Windows. Now, if some enterprising person took the time to figure out how these programs perform, or just embed one of those program INTO theirs, the could possibly re-write the BIOS to the point that you needed to RMA the part and have the BIOS ROM chip replaced. But most viruses today are written to self propegate (sp?) and doing this would take the computer down. UM
  10. And TONS of outbound bandwidth, oh and an ISP that doesn't monitor traffic usage. If they do, they will very quickly say "Hey! WTF are you doing?" UM
  11. Beads, Head over to VMware.com and get this, free VMWare Server and just start playing. Install any linux distro, windows if you want, and just... play. If you mess something up, start over. But most importantly... PLAY! Don't be afraid to try something. UM
  12. I would have to say it depends on the usage at the time. I am a tech where I work and quite often deal with idiots that either lost their password, or the person that has the password (their kid) isn't with them. In the situation where we don't have a password, and the only account we can log into with out removing passwords is a restricted, we need to use a bootable live CD. But, if we can, we run tools directly from their install, as it gives us a chance to run with their setup. Plus it usually runs faster. Unless their system is infested. Hope this adds some insight. UM