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  1. I was using Cellrevealer.com to figure out who the hell was calling me, and it was actually free and accurate. Now they've switched to some system to punt you off to a third party that you need to pay to use. Are there any of these free reverse lookup sites left that are actually free and not just claiming to be?
  2. Awesome! Thanks very much. I didn't realize it was turned into an ezine after a physical run of 10 issues. This helps a lot. If anyone is getting rid of hard copies, I'm still interested.
  3. Hey all, just wondering if anyone has any information about Private Line, which looked to be a telephony-themed zine from the '90s. I can't find any info for this thing online. Ultimately, I'd love to track down some issues to scan for the Internet Archive. I've previously been working on Blacklisted! 411 scans, a bunch of cyberpunk zines, and helped StankDawg a few years back with fixing up the BinRev zine source files to distribute. Cheers, Mike.
  4. Hey all, I'm looking to see if anyone has episodes of the old Chromed Pork phreaking podcast. I'm something of the archivist, and any episodes I get will be uploaded to the Internet Archive for safe keeping and made available for all. if you have some episodes, please let me know and we can work out a way to get them to me online. I did some research and apparently the podcast sort of spawned from the BinRev IRC and users Inode and Tacomaster who have accounts on the forums but haven't accessed them for 5 years or more.
  5. Latest episode is here, http://obsoleet.com/2014/04/obsoleet-s02e02/ This episode is about running RISC OS on a Raspberry Pi. As always, hit me up with any questions, comments, concerns, or segment ideas. Cheers, Mike.
  6. I think I might now how to turn this into something, so I'll put it on the list. The CDMA test set sounds cool, if only it were lighter.
  7. Feels good to be back! I know you just listed off a few consoles, but do you have anything specific you'd like to see? I ask because before I got into computers/security/telephony and that whole deal I was big into game collecting and have somewhere around 70 consoles occupying my closet and under-bed space. A lot of people do videos about consoles, and I'm still trying to think how I can make it something cool that isn't a rehash.
  8. Hey, all! After a two year hiatus, I have brought back my retro tech show, Obsoleet. You can check out the newest episode here, http://obsoleet.com/2014/03/obsoleet-s02e01/ This episode is about backing up your old Commodore floppies. Hope to release more soon and as always, hit me up with any questions, comments, concerns, or segment ideas. Cheers, Mike.
  9. I've been scanning for a few months and there are now 13 issues up online, http://anarchivism.org/w/Blacklisted!_411 Just thought I'd share with y'all. (Also, I'll gladly take/buy your old issues for my collection and put them online)
  10. Glad you guys like them. I never got any of them when they were active, but they're really interesting to check out now a few years down the road. I also found and uploaded an issue of THUD if anyone is interested.
  11. Perhaps I'm wording it wrong. Cellrevealer was once able to give you the full name of the person the phone number was operated by. I had tested this with my own cell number and it was accurate. tnid.us will tell you the carrier, but if you want the name it directs you to another site that asks for all of your monies.
  12. I made something of a video show which you can check out here, http://obsoleet.noobelodeon.org/ The aim of the thing is basically retro technology mixed in with whatever I feel like. It isn't the best, but it is better than nothing, and it makes me happy. That said, it is still a work in progress. I'm still toying with how I shoot, and apparently I seem tense on camera, so I'm working on ways to improve the flow of the episodes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Episode List so Far: Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7
  13. After almost a year, episode 8 out today. http://obsoleet.noobelodeon.org/post/17517647166/obsoleet-episode-8 Thanks for all the support guys. I'm getting back into making video, and hopefully I'm not too rusty.
  14. Seconded. Also, does this have anything to do with dougtv?
  15. Episode 7, fresh from the... camera? http://obsoleet.noobelodeon.org/post/3293144973/obsoleet-episode-07
  16. So a few friends and I have decided to start a legal torrent tracker specializing in IPTV shows. We are trying to cover all the bases and allow new shows, old shows, the popular, the obscure, and everything in-between. So, if you happen to like video shows, check out the site, and register if you want. It is a little rough around the edges, but works well so far. http://iptvtorrents.com Feel free to stop by, share some content, and what have you Thanks! ~Famicoman
  17. And now, very late, I have release episode 6! http://obsoleet.noobelodeon.org/post/2177710225/obsoleet-episode-06 Thanks for all the support guys! Enjoy
  18. I have a ton of old gaming consoles, and I've been planning on doing segments about them for a while. However, a guest segment would be definitely be awesome and maybe even a way to get me to start digging up some of my old collection. So if you're interested, I guess you can send me a PM and we'll go from there. School is already starting to take up my free time this semester, and any sort of collaboration could ease some of the problems with finding time to film that I have.
  19. Funny enough I think I do actually have an old radio shack RF modulator that needs some resoldering since (if I remember correctly) one of the RCA connectors broke loose. I bet I have enough ways to figure out if this does the trick. From what I have heard, the copy protection is stored in the same part of the video signal that holds subtitles (and teletext if my friend from across the pond is right). Usually any device that strips protection will also take subtitles with it. So I wonder if using the modulator takes the subtitles away or not. It might also very well have to do with some sort of digital->analog conversion. Definitely something to toy with.
  20. Thats pretty interesting as I have never heard of that as a way to strip macrovision. I've been using digital stabilizers and I've looked into other methods like Time Base Correctors, camcorder pass-through, and a bunch of hokey stuff like certain brands of those RCA 5-input switches. I think I might be able to test this by rigging a few VCRs together with coax and having one VCR for input and another for output, or maybe your modulator just happens to strip protection out of chance. I will definitely mention it.
  21. Episode 05 - http://obsoleet.noobelodeon.org/post/1053980629/obsoleet-episode-05 Thanks for all the input, guys! I gave out some shout-outs in the credits to those here who were kind enough to comment.
  22. I got two payphones today (Single coin slot on the right) pretty inexpensively. One was locked and I'll probably end up drilling it open, and one was open already. Now the one that was open, I was trying to see how I could convert it for home use, but I might ask another bit about that later. Anyway, I was simply connecting the handset to the red and green wires to test it out and I held another phone to me ear and while I could talk into the payphone handset and hear it on the other, I could hear nothing from the payphone handset. No dial tone, no static, no noises, nothing (Keep in mind I didn't run anything through the payphone at this point, just the handset) Now, I'm guessing that part of the handset is faulty and I have a few components I could probably salvage from old scrapped rotary phones, but I cannot get the handset of the payphone open. I heard once they were glued shut, but don't know if this is true or not. Are there any tricks for getting the handset open or should I just shell out for a replacement from http://www.payphone.com/ ?
  23. Well I doubt it killing the receiver matters because I'm testing the handset without connecting it to the phone at all. As for the board, it has an old Protel. but there is some weird stuff going on that I can't figure out (Never seen the insides of one of these). I plugged in all the cables into their proper spots as far as I can tell. There is a weird two pin thing coming out of the bottom of the board that I can't seem to place (It isn't that battery port, that was already plugged in). There are also 6 screws right above the coin compartment which I'm guessing is where you wire in the phone line, and there is an rj-11 plug coming off of that which I'm guessing plugs into the board, as well as another wire under one of the middle screws which I think gets connected to ground on the board. Also, bashing this handset isn't doing much good, though it has some more character now. Maybe I can wire in a handset from an older phone to do some more testing with.
  24. I'm very familiar with that video and I'd try to follow it, but my payphone and theirs differ by quite a bit and mine wasn't properly hooked up inside. I'm gonna give some bashing a go, thanks!