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  1. Eveyone, Yes I fell off the face of the earth. Real Life is keeping me busy. I did spend some time adding the Nxx lookups and threading. Still no wait dialogs, error checking, inet checking, orientation checking, or Google searches. You know... I hope to get these added. Pocket Phreak v0.2: Download Oh... And if anyone has some pointers for the MCP Exam 70-229 "Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition" I'd apriaciate the help (I hope to test in the next week or two). That and if anyone knows of anyone hiring in the South/East Phoenix Metro for developers ( and SQL). Please let me know, my dept was disolved a couple weeks ago, so my job isn't what it used to be anymore. I will TRY to have another update in a couple weeks (hopefully sooner). Iant to get the Google search working (It works in Windows Forms, but not in the Compact Framework for some reason). -MadManX
  2. Sorry guys... Real life has been hindering development... That and I haven't heard back from ntheory on my wishlist... I will post the exe by Sunday... I can do at least that much (i'll try tonight to get it posted even). -MadManX
  3. I totay agree... Web Apps have their place... My testing code is a Web Service and the classes are copied into the Pocket Phreak app source (common codebases rock). You can easily access BellsMinid with a browser (which is how I started) and at the moment... Retreive alot more information. I am also scraping Google's Phone Book (they do not expose this serivce with thier API) for known phone listins as well... This too works well wit a browser. Maybe for clarification... I wanted a Caller ID for unknow numbers... This is as close as i could find. This helps me determin what a number is and where is the caller from. One draw back... Data service is unavalible while the phone is ringing. But after the call... I can hook into my call history (comming soon i hope) and lookup the number automatically. No initervention... no copy/pasting numbers. Now... Also comming soon... A local database. Most of us have overkill memory cards loaded with our favorite radion shows etc... So storing basic info for "offline" use is possible... and if the need arises... queing requests till an inet connectin is avalible. This means a norl PDA could easily be used the same as th EvDo/Edge phones are ... BTW... The data pull is smaller the loading BellsMinds webpage... So over 1x... its alot faster. NPA searches with the current data provided by Not Theory take 1 to 2 seconds on EvDo... I'd expect the same on 1x CDMA. I hope this clarifies long term goals of offline capabilities for PDAs and phones with limited/no data plans and a tighter integration with the phones services and notifications. Future ideas... I SMS my finds from scanning to my friend and his phone imports the data automatically and give him a notice of new numbers... or a queue of scans to upload when data plans are avalible... Maybe SMSing an entire exchange (can we say PLA)... I am open to ideas... So far they are pretty few... I know if Not Theory setup a Web Site with this info... And YAPL is out there... among several other repositories that there must be a need or a want (not just my on person wants) for a tool such as this. I just want mine to work for my needs, accomidate others and unify multiple repositories into one quick and simple tool. Is that too muc to ask You also mentioned you have setup some web services for your tools... Are they related in any way... If so can I look at what you got and possible hook into them? You could easily become a contributer with your nice web tools that work for you and offer others a different look and feel of your hard work -MadManX
  4. 802.11 huh... EvDo or Edge for you GSM guys. Works great here in the Phx Valley. I think an always on/avalible connection opens alot more doors... It also makes hanging out at a payphone and scanning, or the random prank at a friends house having so much information at your finger tips... I feel sorry for those SideKick guys (I was one of them once)... They locked down the development. But for Pocket PC Phones and Smart Phones... A whole new world of apps are possible. I don't know how I lived withough having google on at my finger tips. BTW... I don't have asmart phone to develop for, but i do have an emulator... Would anyone be interested in a version for the smart phone? ... This goes for the Treo Guys... Shohuld I make this compatibl to your screen? ... And last one... VGA PDAs... What about you guys? -MadManX
  5. Sorry guys... It's been a couple day... Originally I was scrapping data from without permission... Thats why I didn't release the PoC. Now... Not Theory hooked me up with some data I can share... Just wait till he gets my wishlist now for BellsMind. Here is the latest: I have two things stopping me tonight from posting the PoC. Checking if connected to the web, and forcing a connecton if not Figuring out how to build a cab installer Simple tasks I hope to resolve in the next day or so... Unless someone wants to kick me over some managed code ( prefured... but I can read C# when I have too) to help me on the connection thing. Or... Of you guys want... I can just post the exe (just let me know). Oh... BTW... I only have the NPA search implmented at them moment. I have some wishlist things for the NXX and Thousand Block stuff for Not Theory for the next tab. And the Google tab... Yeah... Google Phone number lookups for Business and Residential numbers. I think thats next. For Not Theory... I can tell your trying to gather scaned numbers... I want to work with you there... Thats half of what started me on this... I need a database of community contributed scans in a common format... Your starting this... I want to link with you for searching and updating... Drop some thoughts when ya get a chance... And again... Mad Props to Not Theory... :voteyes: -MadManX
  6. Well... My first post to BinRev after being a long time listener... And I here to bring you my Proof of Concept of... Pocket Phreak for Windows Mobile 2005 (w/ MS .net Compact Framework v2.0) Concept Plans: Telcom info lookup (CLLI, Tandem, Carrier, Addresses) Google Number lookup (basically phone book search) Mapping abilities for addresses found while searching Phreaks Fone Book (compiled and credited from BinRev mostly) And anything else I can figure out to search by fone numbers Currently I'm learning .net Compact Framework and have a regular job, but this is now my pet project. Any suggestions, help, and coding assistance will be appricaiated (written in I also only have access to a Sprint PPC-6700 with the lates firmware to test with. I belive I may have access to a GSM HTC based phone as well... But this isn't for sure yet. So I will need alpha/beta testers as well. Currently this will not be open sourced. I have to get permission from my data sources first... Sorry... I will see where this goes and how much interest there is for continued development. I am also looking for any collections of information, preferablly easily searched and consumed. This started as a caller id for my cell phone when no information was avalible... it's definatly in its infancy for that. but i'm interested in anything that can be searched by telephone number, and possibly by address (presuming that i got an address from some other search). Anyways... I'll post updates in the comming days. -MadManX