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  2. :S A FRIGGIN' GAIN! :/ This time power outage. Should not happen in awhile, I'm going to be making checks on it every 12 (probably way less) hours. kthxlolhehblehbye1peace
  3. Sorry, guys. I was doing maintenance on my server, and forgot to plug it back into the Internet. =O I guess school starting and stuff has made me become forgetful. It should be up now, and the next time it goes down should be when I'm installing Ubuntu on it (although, I'll try to get a temporary host for that, as I'm going to be a first-Ubuntu-er and all, so it might be awhile before it gets configured and everything the way I like.) Again, sorry. =)
  4. Haha, ok. =) I added the link on the side menu on the index page.
  5. Oh, =p What's the name of your site? The title just says 'things'
  6. It's just some text from, not sure what it'd be translated to (unless you mean you can't see the text because of the image below? If so, I can edit the opacity level). /me adds you to my links
  7. Thanks for the link Back when I used to have Photoshop I was really into graphics, and I hope I can get back into graphics after I get this Macintosh I got awhile back configured, etc., and get all the graphics programs I need on it. If you want, though, you can have the graphics section, as I won't be able to run it (no time or programs to do any graphics with). PM me if you're interested.
  8. /me puts down "Divo" on top 10 hero list It works perfectly. Woot! Joor teh bezt!
  9. Tried it, but it's the ninja with text on top of it -- you can't read the text, and with a background for the text, it blocks the ninja. Is there a way to make a background layer for content on top of the ninja N% transparent? (Not 100% though)
  10. I don't really have many ideas, except: ninja, content,and a menu on the right side. I had to remove the ninja because I couldn't figure out how to keep it and have content on the site. Any ideas?
  11. =D I think I did a fairly good job for a design-near-incapable person and usually uses dull(er) layouts. Some of the links just lead to /#, I'm fixing that soon (as the pages get set up). If anyone wants to help, especially with design, I'd be more than happy to reward them in some way or another.
  12. Good luck with it, I would recommend looking around for some sites which explain the differences between html and xhtml, things like <br> becoming <br \> etc etc... it's not that much different... just a bit more strict, css is not too bad either. Just learn enough of it to replace the font tag in html I suggest learning more than just the CSS needed to replace the <font> tag in HTML. That's a waist of CSS is you're only using it for that, and also very dull pages. By the way, it's <br /> not <br \>
  13. I've been seeing this a lot, it usually only occurs when using FireFox and phpBB. Don't know what versions. Don't know of a fix either. -edit- It's custom made, so I thought I'd mention this too: I've been having this problem on some IPB forums too, but phpBB is more common so, meh. Anyway, I don't think it's just phpBB, so it might be a PHP problem (update the PHP if it's not the newest version)?
  14. Thanks man. Apache 2 is the web server. After I set it up,I stopped the Apache web server then went in the HTTPD.conf file and changed the listening port to 81. At this point it was still on the local Intranet so I started Apache again and popped http://localhost:81 in. If that works your one step closer to getting it online. After that I went to to get a DNS name and in the config settings told it to switch to port 81. Now you could skip that and go to the final step. The final step is getting into your router and telling it to open a port range (81) for the IP Or what ever your server internal IP is. That's it really. Thanks, man. I got my server running on 1337 I'll edit with the link after my subdomain kicks in. Everyone wants to be like hbp. I had actually thought about '1337' before you posted, but since he said '2600' rather than '1337' (which would seem like the pick, imo, but obviously not ) I thought there was something that blocked port 1337 or something >_< lol *edit* It's temporary, of course, don't know what to put on the site (I'm debating on a few options , also thinking about being normal and making it listen on 81 >_< heh) I had to use DynDNS, since I use a free no-ip account, and I wanted the extension until I purchase a .org.
  15. If you switched to No-IP you wouldn't have to change it manually, just download the DUC (dynamic update client) and it doesn't everytime you reconnect/IP changes.