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  1. If theres some interest then I will obtain them .. i can get 20 .. price is $15 each .. postage be around $5-$10 from sydney Australia .. but may be cheaper depending where you are. if you want to order a few then I am sure we can work out a better price and postage ... These can be used for people with antique or manual phones ,, modified into a redbox .. etc as you can see from photo they got big buttons and a redial function access phone messages over skype. I will include new batteries as well and test them before sending out... i will probably list them on ebay if I do decide to get the lot. anyhow if theres some interest then message me ..
  2. Yeah that blue box site brings back good memories as well .. but that one has pre-recorded messages only .. but still kudos to the person who set that up .. btw I managed to track down a member of the group Liberty on twitter .... he posts general news about hacking and pbx phreaking and so on ...if anyones interested .. --> @Spy_Australia
  3. here is another Australian Phreaking program ..
  4. your fine mate .. I am trying to remember excatly as it's been 22 years since I dabbled in phreaking so my memories a bit faded .. lol but from what I recall.. I believe in Australia CCITT#5 tones were really R2 tones but incorrectly called CCITT#5 thats why I just refer them to CCITT#5 (R2)
  5. The CCITT#5 or also knows as R2 tones only work on old lines ... i.e. if you have a phone line that still accepts rotary dialing and also tone dialing then you should be able to phreak a call. The R2 tones where very similar to mf blue box tones but a slight variation. The old exchanges were called ARE but are now called AXE ( ericson digital signaling) in Australia. basically when call waiting and so on were wanted by people the old exhanges and software could not do this so when they updated this software is when phreaking stopped working. It is possible that these old exchanges maybe still around in 3rd world countries or similar .. To phreak a call in Australia back in the late 80's and early 90's you would do this. 1. Call a local phone number that was disconnected. 2. You would hear an announcment " This is a Telecom announcement , the number you have called is not connected , please check the number and dial again " 3. you would hear it say this two times and then silence .. about 10 seconds later you would hear two faint clicking heartbeat sounds 4. using whitebox send ccitt#5 tones i.e. 0011-1-713-485-305 using earphones and held to the mouthpiece of your phone. 5. you would hear each tone being accepted .. then you would enter the * tone 6. ring .. ring ... hello my friend in america if the line was busy there would nothing just dead silence .. no enganged tone at all as you can see there was no need for seizing .... and once the call was made the only way to start over was by hanging up the phone. You could also blue box from Australia calling hawaii toll free number but it wasn't needed because whitebox was easier . blue boxing was also very risky because alot of toll free numbers to overseas were being monitored so very high chance of getting busted. As you can see there are ABC tones .. these were used to control the calling .. i.e. you would call a number like this A-03-2-587458-C-0011-1-713-485-305 so the call would be billed to the first number you entered. There were a few news stories on tv of people getting $15000 phone bills ... I guess their son must have been a bully at school and happened to bully a phreaker... expensive sex line calls ... Not many people knew you could do this and was not shared with fellow phreakers because of it's misuse .. the Group Liberty .. three of the founding members of the group got snitched on by someone they knew who got busted for credit card fraud and to get a lighter sentence dobbed everyone he knew in so the police and telecom started tapping peoples phones and busting them for telephone fraud.. Spy who was also a member left the scene shortly after all the raids and busts in fear of himself being arrested. here is a text file written from one of them and the outcomes.. read the busted article --> as you can see because this was the first time anyone in Australia was charged with these offences the laws were not up to date so they got let off easy. Now if you did this and got busted you would be on the run like julian assange ... lol and speaking of julian assange .. have a read of the introduction to the book the underground it mentions Ripmax and Spy ... the first Australian phreakers
  6. WhiteBox a phreaking software coded for the amiga 500 computer in the early nineties by an Australian Phreaking group called " Liberty " If you remember this program then you are truly old skool ... like me you need to run it in a winaue amiga emulator .. heres a screen shot and as you can see it had bluebox , dtmf , ccitt5 (R2) tones and other cool tones. heres the link if you want it -->