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  1. Yeah, there are quite a few databases of cracked md5 hashes out there.

    You could probably write a script to look them up...just make sure you don't have too many connections, the admins would probably get a little suspicious

    Also, look for any duplicates I guess. That'd probably take AGES though.

    Good luck


  2. Zal91 (I think) had a sweet little shutdown program a while back that will instantly kill all processes and shut down the machine.

    Have a search through the forums, probably Programming.

    You'd still have to zip it and what not though


  3. Do you mean a proxy?

    Try as a starting point.

    Also look into Tor

    Your external ip is set by your isp, so either you/someone else did something bad and had your ip range blocked by those sites, or the isp is blocking those sites for one reason or another.