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  1. Isn't there a way to encrypt VOIP calls? I did read an article saying that most voip services don't have any encryption in place due to bad admins etc. But I'm sure there's something client side that you could do to stop people from hearing you. Kind of like RainPortal for IRC I suppose
  2. Doesn't it save the key to your current machine. I haven't used putty in a while...But I think that's what it does, and then it doesn't require you to accept it again because you already have it.
  3. Nice link I'm going to uni in Sydney in I'm looking for places like that.
  4. What did you do?...just in case it happens to anyone else..they've got a reference here.
  5. Unfortunately, the turned off the messenger service by default with XP SP2. that's what it is...I was trying to use it on my home network quite a while back so I could tell people what to do....I thought it was maybe my firewall blocking it. How can you turn it back on? Hahaha...I remember when my school was still on windows NT..I think what we would to is something like :start net send <target ip> DIE DIE DIE goto start Ah...good times
  6. I've just been downloading the .flv's I got a couple 404's...I'm guessing those are the already deleted ones...duh And I got the unable to connect for about 5 minutes according to my dl manager. All I've found is crap so far...It looks like stuff deleted by users I guess.
  7. hahahah....nice link. Some girl is beating the crap out of some kid, who i'm assuming is her brother. I'm unsure of why it was deleted thus far.
  8. I was taking a look at this privacy machine for's basically a linux distro (DSL I think, plus some privacy tools) with an emulator (Qemu). I was going to modify some things in it, but I can't seem to open the .img file with anything! Most of the time it will say that it's corrupted, or just can't be opened. I've tried with a couple of disk image mounters, but to no avail. I was just seeing if I could do it without having to go through downloading etc. with the distor itself, because it tends to be quite sluggish. The site is
  9. Thanks, I'll take a look
  10. There's nothing wrong with the .img will load in the emulator, but I just can't edit it is all...say I wanted to add some stuff that I've just downloaded, but don't want to start up the program...I just want to dump it into the disk image.
  11. I found this today, though it might interest someone. I wasn't able to compile it...I got an error (still learning, so I'm not too good a debugging)
  12. Isn't there a way to make programs "services" (svchost.exe etc.) and have the run each time windows starts, so even before anyone's logged into the computer, its running. I've seen a webcam capture app that does this. That way, a kelogger can be installed and running all the time. LOL Agreed
  13. there seems to be no real way to cheat then if it's stored on the reader itself. I guess they did it that way because it'd be cheaper.
  14. Does anyone know where to download NLNZ Metadata extractor? I can't seem to find it...I've found a lot of lecture pages on it, but no files.
  15. I was thinking of the idea of using executable music files as a kind of simple protection against potential copyrighters...are the any open source programs that could do this? I was thinking of having a simple player with just Play, Pause Stop etc....You put a few music file in a subfolder, then compile it into one big .exe I there something like this already?..or is it just a waste of time?
  16. Some of those are portable sites. That should do you for now Oh...I just remembered
  17. Irongeek has one if you need help... It's written in C I believe
  18. I vote "just ask her" or "watch her type it over her shoulder" and finally..."emotional blackmail" an alternative is not going to be as quick and simple. But...I suggest reading up on cracking the syskey and sam using john the ripper and Auditor.
  19. What I'm trying to do is extract some stats from an XML file and output them to php I know how to output sql to xml using php...but not xml to php. The XML file is quite simple: <messages for="crackedatom"> <deviations abbrev="D">88</deviations> <hottopics abbrev="H">0</hottopics> <other abbrev="M">0</other> <help_replies abbrev="HD">0</help_replies> <comments abbrev="C">0</comments> <forum abbrev="F">0</forum> <journals abbrev="J">0</journals> <polls abbrev="P">0</polls> <notes abbrev="N">0</notes> </messages> I'm having a look on hotscripts to see if I can modify some existing xml parser to do the job...or at least give me an idea on how to do it.
  20. Yeah...I found that just after I posted Thanks anyway though
  21. I bought myself a DVD burner for christmas (at last)...not sure why I didn't do it earlier! Anyway...does anyone know of any good software or tutorials for creating nice menus? I've got Nero vision with nero 7 and I got PowerProducer with the burner...Nero Vision is the better of the two...but it's still quite limiting though... For example...every video stream HAS to have a bloody thumbnail in the can't just have "Play" I will be googling...just wondering if anyone knows of a good one.
  22. Thanks for the suggestions guys... I like the look of DVD-Lab so far...I haven't had a chance to look at the rest tho
  23. I tried a couple of programs that promised all that...but it's generally not live, unless it's directly from a broadcasting company (sports events etc.) and the quality is usually quite poor. I had Satellite TV For PC and TV Ants or something.
  24. How about laptop IR ports though? I never use mine for anything these days.
  25. I know the colour command "COLOR" can change the entire console colour in CMD.exe...but is it possible to have multiple colours some how? Like, say you wanted to have a kinda colourful batch installer with some ASCII art...I've never seen it done, and I've tried I'm guessing it's impossible without using something other than .bat's