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  1. You could portscan yourself to find any holes first...Find the external IP of your modem, and that's what you should scan. I do like using the Net Tools package ...It's got a HUGE range of things related to network security.
  2. Is this what you mean?
  3. Awardspace was great...until I started to notice that I couldn't see images on my own I went to the support forums, and they said it was my firewall (which it was). So I moved my site.
  4. are you talking about your forum password? I'm guessing its for a windows pass... Could you be a little more specific?
  5. I don't really suggest this one
  6. Hahaha..yeah...I like seeing it in all the older movies Seemed a lot more simple then.
  7. is still there...but the wayback machine has a whole load of old stuff
  8. Quite so...I was all of 14 when I found it
  9. seems to be one of the popular ones here.
  10. I'm going out looking for old junk this week hopefully...I'm sure I'll find a floppy drive to play with.
  11. Could you post a photo of it?
  12. 110mb is great now...after that major update a few months was nice before too...but I highly recommend it. is what I'm using right now...not too bad..a little hot linking etc.
  13. I second that! I'll start smashing up some old hardware! Have you seen what happens to a floppy drive when you insert a floppy disk that has nail polish on the data storage area? Nice! Before the nail varnish dries...put the powder from a match head onto it. I read that in the anarchists cookbook I think...
  14. I am not having this problem, is anyone else? works fine for me
  15. Great! New myspace! I have no friends
  16. Hahaha..that's a good one I like that a's an easy mistake to make well...I added my bit in the email/pass thing hahahahah... I'd be quite funny to make an auto poster...Would Brutus or any other bruteforcer register? That's one possible way to flood it I guess.
  17. This is who:
  18. Ha I didn't find anything but girls dancing :cry: I'd like to see the database that the website talks about...since we just get random vids.
  19. my new favourite one is: intitle:"index of" "outlook.pst" Microsoft Outlook files You have no idea of the amount of private and confidential stuff you could potentially find...but what ever it'll be emails, contact cards, calendars and anything else that might be used by ms outlook. ...scary
  20. I don't think that's possible is it? batch files are quite simplistic. Look for the USBDumper. That's what you really want.
  21. Well, it seems to be gone now, or the box is just off. Either someone did something naughty , or the admin realised ...I did look for an abuse/info email add. for the subdomain, but only found the stuff...I guess they would have checked their mail by now.
  22. I believe this is just a box sitting in the university of Cape Town's student radio's likely to have just about nothing sensitive on. They don't give out subdomains to students really, unless its for some kind of project kinda like this. Too bad I don't know anyone there anymore Did anyone look in the Start menu?...there's an FTP server prog, and Apache tomcat Google talk, and Teamtalk as well...would be quite funny if you could actually speak to them
  23. I just found an interesting entry on Lifehacker..I don't know how long this has been around, sorry if it's been brought up before, but its an nice idea for less experienced users and beginners to Linux. Prototype site:
  24. Does anyone know how you could read the history.dat in firefox? It may not be all that interesting...but you never know. I guess you could set up a new profile in firefox, and just replace the history.dat file with the one you've picked up. Are there any other interesting files like this one? I did find a folder called google_safebrowsing ...that may be from the google toolbar.