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  1. I didn't see an option to do there? I also want to list all the subdirectory contents too...and that some 500 subfolders
  2. How could I automatically run a program at startup as a system process, rather than a user process in windows XP?
  3. I never knew about that...thanks. I suppose you could use that in a batch if you wanted to do something similar to the usb hacksaw
  4. =rand(200,91),=rand(200,92),=rand(200,93) etc. do the same as =rand(200,90) but with different lengths I think the limit is 200 and 99 for that particular one. [edit]mIRC is full of them...I like the squeaky nose one
  5. hahaha...I only got 174
  6. Thanks...also for the how-to...thats what I'm really looking for
  7. I was thinking that...I'll take a look HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ?
  8. I thought someone might like this link. I like the intros to the infonomicon radio shows...and I guess some of this stuff could be used in a similar way.
  9. 3dBuzz is a great starting place...there are video tutorials for complete beginners is the link to what you're wanting to learn But I think you have to register (its free) at and then login.
  10. I use mp3DirectCut and Audacity You can set them to record from the main mixer rather than the mic or line in
  11. Yes. But I don't condone the malicious intent.
  12. is gone now.
  13. At the top of you origional post (in the title bar) is there a menu on the right called "Options"? If there is, click "Standard" i think. *that's "Switch to standard"
  14. I can see everything...I'm not quite sure I know what you mean. Could you do a print screen and post it or something?
  15. I think it may have been a phishing site... Things like that make me think that they knew it was a scam.
  16. I've just discovered podcasts...well not "discovered" in the sense of not knowing what they were...but I never really used itunes, then yesterday I installed it for my sister and I found twat radio etc. So now I have itunes again
  17. This may be old news, but I haven't seen anything like this as of late. Funny how that happens eh? My guess is that there are still quite a few machines out there with the origional locks
  18. He may have already
  19. It'll enable you to find passes for each user on that computer. What I suggest is looking for a manual or tutorial explaining the use of ophcrack and reading it.
  20. stick the cd in and then reboot ...In the BIOS you have to make sure that you select "boot from cd" too
  21. Do you mean a single file as in a txt file? Or a dictionary program? Free programs:
  22. Spent a couple of hours going nowhere. Using the soundcard technique I've managed nothing
  23. Ophcrack is what you need as said before. This will show you the passwords on you machine. Alternatively: Irongeek also has a video tutorial called Cracking Syskey and the SAM on Windows Using Samdump2 and John which is what you'll be doing. This is basically ALL you need to know.
  24. Floppy drive has been acquired, and dismantled I'm not sure which "pins" do what though, there are 5...1,2 & 4 are labelled on the circuit board.
  25. I think avast has a version that works on linux