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  1. Be careful what type of batteries you used though... Laptop batteries are usually Lithoum ion and are designed for a low current drain...Car and drill batteries are designed for a short but high current I believe
  2. hahaha...that is quite cool
  3. Ok, your command worked fine for me Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),
  4. Well, the command prompt opens up at C:\Documents and Settings\******> Check that. or do this: D:ping > ping.txt [code] so that you know where to look
  5. Came through fine on gmail edit: Did you see: Maybe that's why you thought it wasn't all coming through
  6. I haven't tried this feature out before, but I'll go ahead and try. What email service are you using?
  7. A little more info:
  8. Right now I'm using and they don't alow the use of mail() ('s a free host) I'm looking for a way to forward comments from contact forms etc etc to a gmail acount...I've only seen one php script that could do this...and I never got it to work, but on this host I have access to perl. I know of a couple autoresponder scripts using perl...I'll be looking for some kind of mailer tonight. In the mean time, I was wondering if anyone had and suggestions...its not really urgent...but I'll be redoing my site soon..and I'm just collecting ideas at the moment.
  9. It may be that same as XP...this is what you use on XP: Go to the control panel Double click Administrator Tool Double click Services Scroll down until you see a service called "Messenger" Double click and then press the button that says Start I haven't tried Vista yet...sorry if I was wrong
  10. Hmmm...I never posted here Hi, I'm crackedatom...and I'm a computerholic Hi crackedatom Ah...that feels better
  11. Notice how the US is #4: South Africa #7
  12. No worries...
  13. That was a random post. I though nmap was quite a well known app...isn't it in windows anyway?...maybe not...But I have it anyway...don't remember putting it there...but it's there. And what's with all the colour in your post...and ALL your previous ones?
  14. This is what I could find...I'm sticking with my first post
  15. I don't believe there is a way. It physically deletes it from the server from what I can, don't they tell you that it can't be undone when you delete something...I think they do in gmail anyway.
  16. I've tried some of the apps..but you always seem to need the login that true for shutdown.exe? I don't really wanna test it out right now because everyone seems to be working.
  17. Go in late at night and kick the fuck out of him while he's sleeping, then take him outside, strip him and hog tie him. Go back inside and relieve him of the offending computer. Oh?...I suppose you can't really do that... You could possibly sneak a vnc onto his computer and remotely start it with Reexec.exe or something like'd have to get his login details I suppose...that's probably too risky. I'd just tell him to stop being a fucking little kid and behave himself, then if he didn't comply, wreak general havoc...all of which is untraceable back to me of course I hate assholes. [edit] Didn't irongeek have an ARP poisoning video tutorial?
  18. How could I get a printout of all the files and folders of a harddrive? I've just backed up all my music to DVD and I'd like some form of list so I know what I have. I'm going to have a look around for a perl script that could output to a text file or something...that sould do the job... But, in the meantime...does anyone know of anything?
  19. Ok, I changed the batch to do tree... echo off cls color 0a :start echo Select an output filename... set /P file= if exist %file%.txt ( echo Error! %file%.txt is already in use. goto start ) ELSE ( goto scan ) :scan echo Select a directory to scan... set /P scan= tree /F /A %scan% > %file%.txt :end echo DONE!! pause > nul I took out the stupid thing causing the error Thanks again...makes my like a little easier
  20. hahaha...that's what I used to do...but it took to long to crop and paste everything, so I stopped
  21. Thanks all the same droops...even though you're a bit slow I do like the tree command, but I prefer the dir /S D:\ >dir.txt just looks a little nicer. [edit] I made an over complicated batch file...because batch is so in right now echo off cls color 0a :start echo Select an output filename... set /P file= if exist %file%.txt ( echo %file%.txt is already in use ) ELSE ( goto scan ) :choice if exist %file%.txt ( set choice= set /p choice=Would you like to use a different name? ^(y/n^): if not '%choice%'=='' set choice=%choice:~0,3% if '%choice%'=='y' goto start if '%choice%'=='n' goto overwrite echo "%choice%" is not valid please try again. goto choice echo. ) ELSE ( goto scan ) :overwrite if exist %file%.txt ( del %file%.txt goto start ) ELSE ( echo. ) :scan echo Select a directory to scan... set /P scan= dir /S /O:n %scan%> %file%.txt :end echo DONE!! pause > nul A little problem occurs in the :choice bit...but it sorts itself out nb:Only works in windows 2000 + I think
  22. I was using floydzilla or something, and that came with the ability to play video.
  23. wasn't Bonzi Buddy a talking purple monkey?
  24. Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for I don't know how the hell I missed /S I was getting there with the perl though opendir(DIRHANDLE, "h:/mp3") || die "Cannot opendir /some/path: $!"; foreach $name (sort readdir(DIRHANDLE)) { print "$name\n"; } closedir(DIRHANDLE); but that just does the same as dir Thanks again.
  25. I wish I was using linux and I can't do it simply using dir