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  1. They probably replaced it with a shh client
  2. Yeah, should have said that before Windows Vista removes telnet from the default install. Putty might still work though.
  3. Wait? What? What operating system are you running? You should probably get Putty then, it has a telnet client. That's what I tend to use on windows when I need to either telnet or ssh The origional putty is here:
  4. What happens when you just type telnet in the command prompt?
  5. open up the command prompt and type telnet localhost or telnet Or you could check the task manager and see if the process is there
  6. How do you know it's not running already?
  7. 70gigs?? Someone is be lying to you I'm still not ready to upgrade to vista yet, in my opinion XP does just fine. What are your specs by the way?
  8. Keep in mind that not everything will be recovered, that might be why it's showing 167gb. I think only around 80 file extensions are supported right now. That might not be the reason though...just a suggestion.
  9. irongeek may be able to save his arse, click this link
  10. that's quite cool...How was that done?
  11. are you touching the soldering iron to the solder or the wire? You should be heating the surface you wish to solder, and let the solder melt onto the wire. I made one of those a little while ago...way better than the IR remote.
  12. Yeah...I think on almost every one you choose your own pin, but there are preventions against brute forcing those safes anyway. I remember in high school we had a circuit with a removable PIC and number pad...we'd have to write the main program for the PIC. I think it's 3 failed attempts before it refuses any more attempts on most....and 4 on a few that I've seen...I'm pretty sure the one we have at home is 4, but its a 5 digit number.
  13. I've finally decided to go ahead and upgrade my website...I've spent a little cash and bought a domain and hosting package because I'm sick of free hosts. My old site is and the new one is I just wanted to get people's opinions on colours, layout and content (keeping in mind that it'll be mostly for photography), and stuff I should keep/chuck. Scripting will be in if anyone knows of some good scripts/apps that would suit my site, just put a link up or something. I might not have chosen the best host ( but it'll do for now, and it's not bad for $3.74 a month...but I don't really need anything as advanced as dreamhost right now. I'm just in the planning stages at the moment...I'll have to write everything up in the first 2 weeks of my winter break (last week of June/first week of July) ...but I can easily fit it in during then, so time shouldn't be a problem.
  14. As much as I love flash, I think I'll stay away from it on this site...I know I'll be tempted to get actionscripts and sql involved somehow
  15. Yeah...I've been coding in php for over a year now...I don't really like ajax, just never really got into it...php is more to my liking. I'm kinda actually looking for colour scheme inspiration...I've done/got all the basic code done...I'm in the middle of rewriting the blog code because I broke part of it in an update a long time ago that I hadn't noticed until now, and a new gallery because I hate gallery 2...I had to take most of it apart and sort through all the junk they put in to get my colour scheme & layout to work with it. I may just switch to gallery 1 and leave it at that. My site is clean and simple...the font is a little small, but other than that...I don't really see anything wrong with it I don't plan on having too much traffic...just a home for my portfolio and articles mostly, and bundles of my stock photos I guess.
  16. aww...nothing...anyone?
  17. I saw quite a few on was quite high though because they were coming out of Hong Kong and China Maybe they were the wrong sort though
  18. yeah...I was there a bit for that. Speaking of which, is the IRC stuff logged by anyone?
  19. I'd rather just pay for music that to support advertising, and I don't know if I'd find the rare stuff that I usually look for. But, if you're on a tight budget, then sure...I guess you can ignore the ads anyway. Anyone currently using this?
  20. not too bad over all...that top 5 stats thing at the bottom of the forums is a little intense Haven't really looked at the content yet...I'll get back to you on that
  21. What host are you using? It may be an automatic script inserted like some do with ads
  22. hahahahahaha
  23. or from the audio out jack
  24. dude I told ya ... network.proxy.socks_remote_dns = true yeah...I've kinda been doing that to use torrents
  25. is quite strange...I know my mom's computer has a funny noise to...more of a buzzing sound though