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  1. this is wonder the chinese are taking over!
  2. yeah, i know that...but the ram i have right now seems to be the problem, so i'm trying to find out how you tell which ram is compatable with the actual motherboard. I've replaced it a couple times, just with the same specs i think its 266 mhz and its 2.6V i believe. I dont know if voltage is standard. what i can tell you tho, if you put that ram into a computer that works fine it'll cause similar problems. i'll probably go out this week and see if i can get some second hand ram with various different speeds and test them all if no one knows a soloution
  3. if you go to in the privacy and security secting theres a whole bunch. This site it all windows stuff and its all free.
  4. did you try reinstalling?
  5. also, you can go to you can find a whole bunch of custom skins for various programs..mught find something for windows xp
  6. probably from inside the capacitors...i know from the ones that i've opened that there's a kinda brown oil inside. or it could just be flux from the soldering...dunno tho...cant see it
  7. that sounds a lot like a damaged harddrive...i've had that problem before... replaced the hdd and the pc's fine now.
  8. you have msn or something? i dont use AIM
  9. save the target page to your HDD Go File>>Save Page As.. or what ever in your browser, so now you have the images and css files etc. then you gotta go and find a tutorial on how to process forms so that when someone enters their login details its either sent to you or put into a txt file or whatever. [edit] i have a feeling this is gonna be harder than you were expecting [/edit]
  10. yeah, thats pretty much what i did with mine, but now out of the 3 phone lines i had in my room, only one works now! i gave up on that least my adsl is ok now.