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  1. owned. stupid censors.

  2. nice guns buddy. Does it take lots of effort to make your hair look so good? I bet it does. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that it is ture, you CAN get Cialis and Viagra on teh intertubez.

  3. well, i guess its your "personal photo"

    whatever. it's gross.

  4. your avatar is gross

  5. yeah, namecheap is good...couple of mine are register through there. too...but their site can be a bit of a pain in the ass sometimes...just too much stuff on it.
  6. I've had a lot of trouble finding a good free zip/rar cracker...i ended up with some payware that still doesn't really get the job done. Turbo Zip Cracker and Rar password cracker are the only two I've really tried
  7. oh shit...i almost fell out of my chair
  8. Add Windows Media Player Classic to that list. I've been using that for ages now. I think it came with XP codec pack.
  9. Yeah, there are quite a few databases of cracked md5 hashes out there. You could probably write a script to look them up...just make sure you don't have too many connections, the admins would probably get a little suspicious Also, look for any duplicates I guess. That'd probably take AGES though. Good luck
  10. Oh crap, I totally forgot about fixing the skin for docdroppers. I've been a little too busy at uni. Finals are almost over though.
  11. Bin anything that doesn't work. Buy some nice heavy duty plastic boxes and cable ties, and you're pretty much set. That's how it works around here.