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  1. Try running #xf86config
  2. Well you could also just get a hub/switch/router.
  3. I believe alot of what you just covered falls under theft of service. For example, if I have road runner and so does my neighbor and I use his wifi without permission I just commited a crime.
  4. Found this link on another forum (
  5. I second that. I also find it irritating.
  6. What are the numbers?
  7. What youre asking is very vauge. Its like going to the doctor and saying, "At work my knee feels fine, but when I come home it hurts." Not much information to go on. How about more information like camera model, whats different about home and work, etc.
  8. Look into gsm phones and sim cards.
  9. If im correct you need to set an environment variable. try #export "python 2.2" locationofpythongoeshere
  10. Have you tried portscanning the box?
  11. All this information is available off of AMD's website.
  12. Have you tried
  13. You are too vauge. 1 Are you still using slack 10.1? 2 If not then what os/distro? 3 What exactly are you trying to do that demands that you need to have 3 nics? 4 What are the exact problems? EX: connection timing out, cant send, cant recieve, error messages, etc.
  14. If all youre looking to do is some simple arp spoofing/poisoning, try looking at ettercap.
  15. Alltell is my interexchange carrier. Verizon is my local carrier. I am calling from 315-673-XXXX