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  1. 5th Anniversary Issue Call For Articles All Content Welcome, but NO RANTS!! email submissions to: epiphanyp7a@gmail.com cc: j0hnylightning@gmail.com radicalfuture.tk is a production of port7alliance.com see the world through our eyes.
  2. w00t... Actually I'm not surprised.
  3. w00t!
  4. I've heard about these cellphone jammers. Two thousand bucks a piece seems a little pricey. All it would have to do is intefere with GSM TDM and CDMA right? I think i remember seing a unit about the size of a GPRS radio with a couple of antennas. A really fucked up way to protest this is for a massive amount of church goers to play a ringtone and have a mock phone conversation. Then claim that they're using Voip via bluetooth or wifi.
  5. lol Nice im listening to it now.
  6. http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/business/2777609 Congrats to this guy for making CID spoofing a widespread concept now.
  7. It's in my care for the time being. I'll be ready to send it by Sept.
  8. NICE!!
  9. The book is about how american consumerism and american media is fueling the transition from a modern society to a postmodern society. Google "postmodernism" for more information.
  10. Yep.. i just got it at HOPE.
  11. TY... TY There's still a couple more i need to put up too.
  12. Of course man... just look at the archecture of the place itself. I've never seen a mansion that looks like that.
  13. If only I had enough bread to buy shares from their IPO.
  14. http://cryptome.org/gates-eyeball.htm Who wants to pay him a visit?
  15. Welcome!