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  1. thx guys it helped..... We tried with a smaller drive and it worked..... The drive we tried first was a 40 GB Maxtor.... not to old I guess... Thx for the help
  2. well kiddo, I have a very good idea, as the rest of the comments. Download the latest version of Knoppix LiveCD.... They have added NTFS-writemethod. I saved my harddrive that way Hope it helps
  3. As the topic said.... My friend and I am gonna set up a server, well, it's nothing to run apache or something on. It runs Win98..... yes I know, it sux....... But hte problem is that when we power up the machine, (we installed a new HDD) it gets stuck when it's about to detect the Primary Slave. It doesn't matter what disk that is in there. It gets stuck. Only if we leave the IDE-slot empty is it able to boot up. I thought it was the BIOS or the IDE cable.... The HDD is in perfect condition. Thx for any help
  4. I use Whax3.0, that's a live distro based on slax. I find it better of because it's autodetect everything (Knoppix STD didn't detect my Ethernet card properly). I have never tried Backtrack either but I should download it now I see what it has for me. I strongly recommed that u download Whax 3.0... it's a pain in the butt to find it thou....
  5. Excuse my for this question..... plz, delete the thread :cry:
  6. I have thought of a few things that I can't find the answear for.... I figured out that a LiveCD doesn't leave any trace on the HDD because it runs from the CD. SO the next thing I thought about: The LiveCD I use is :ranaway: WHAX 3.0 :ranaway: and it's using DHCP for IP-adress. So my IP-adress should change if I run the LiveCD and then boot up XP (perm installed on my laptop) but I wonder, does the MAC-adress change as well? Thx for any help
  7. So after my other topic about that the ISP tracks me down and so on it's time to another question. If you read the other Topic I wrote, then u will understand why I post this kind of question. Anyway, I got myself into exploits right..... Almost every exploit that I have used is written in Perl or Python. So it's very easy to use After finding out about the zeroday exploit of Powerpoint and thought "Wow I got to have that exploit!" so I searched the internet after this code and found it. The only problem with the code is that it's written in C/C++ so I donät know how to use it. Should I compile it to a EXE or run it like a script?
  8. I will talk to him when I have hacked it and see how he reacts, because he says that his page is so damn safe but the big thing is that I have hacked it once before but it was from a Internet Café
  9. that would be real nice Like the idea alot
  10. I have like just started of with exploithacking, just playing around on LAN with my non-exploit trojan. but anyway.... I thought like hack my friends Forum using punBB (don't updated since the begining of 2006). IFf I hack the forum using an exploit based on like perl(doesn't matter what it's based on), will my ISP send me a letter or something and ask what the fuck I'm doin, or even worse, the police take a look around my computer. I have plans for the future that I will crack some WiFi keys in my town and hack through there. Therefor I woundn't worry about police knocking on my door or something. So long story short: Is it safe to use exploits to crack Web-apps from home? or will I hear from my ISP or the police? I live in sweden btw, so if you know the swedish law plz tell me . anyway, tell how it is in your state/country..... Thx for any help
  11. Who do you think is the funniest / best host of BinrevRadio? My personal fav. is Stankdawg, for example, in the episode 147 - System Hardening for Webmasters (I think): "I don't define it as a bug when it DOESN'T FUCKIN WORK!!" and in the end of the episode when he explains that should not be a penis Stankdawg