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  1. Oh Oh I think were all showing our age through technology.. anyways Yeah I remember GNN and Prodigy. I was never a member. But Q-Link was the start of AOL then they went ahead and swollowed up a bunch of other ISP's over the years. Does anyone remember the whole Prodigy Scam (I don't know if it was ever proven or not) that the software that connected to the service also scanned the hard drive for various installed software for supposed marketing purposes (the fist evolution of spyware). wasn't Prodigy a joint ::puff puff:: venture of Sears? correct me if I'm wrong.. But anyways I miss the good ole days
  2. Wow I remember when I had My Commodore. Q-Link (Now known as AOL), also affectionatly known as "ScrewLink" had the offer where they gave you the 300 baud when you signed up for service. I would say that was my first Online experience seeing the the C-64 was my first puter. Then I went into the BBS thing ran a C64 BBS for a couple of years. Probablly my first Hardware hack was taken the old CMD drive and finding out that they all were 100 meg hard drives they just had a chip that set up how to format the drive 20, 40, 60 or 100 so we went to the local electronics store (Not Radio Shack) and cross referenced the chip and got the one that would allow the drive to format at 100 megs. so I had a 100 meg drive for the cost of a 20 meg drive. (about a $150 differance).
  3. Thats Classic. I can't stand those asshole telemarketers. I have screwed around with them before but not like that that was great Poor telemarketing guy was shiting his draws for sure. What makes it so eay to screw with the telemarketers is the length of the pause when you pick up the phone. so you know its handing you off from an automated dialer.
  4. steven rombom is the shit. i think that it's funny that he was impersonating an FBI officer. it's pretty lame that they waited until HOPE to arrest the poor bastard. :nono: if the charges are true then I would say that this 'Rambam' or whatever seems like kind of a sleazy dickwad, trying to oust a witness for some bigwig accused of money-laundering for drug dealers... which isn't to say I wouldn't like to hear how he can turn up all those d0cs on people. I was at the Hope Con This weekend. I didn't see the arrest happen but i guess I made it to the Lobby of the convention just minutes after he was taken away because everyone was kind of bewildered and trying to get answers. It was unfortunate that the Feds waited until the Con to arrest this guy. and I wouldn't be surprised if the Feds waited until Hope on purpose to bust our nuggets. The only thing I can say is there was a definate 360 turn on the overall atmosphere after the arrest and I think that had a profound effect on why this hope turned out a little flat on Saturday Night and Sunday.
  5. Hey Peoples: I just wanted to drop a line and say Hi. I was at Hope Number Six this past weekend and it was cool. (I know there were some technical issues with their wireless and Public Cluster) but it still rocked. I probably feel this way because it was my first con. and basically I don't have the funds to travel to Defcon in Aug. so NYC was an inexpensive alternative. A little about Me. I've been into Hacking and Phreaking way back in the Mid 80's when a commodore 64 was the machine to have. After i turned 18 and the government started coming down on hackers I decided to "retire" well here it is 2006 and I'm once again getting involved in the scene. A lot has changed in 17 years. I'm finding myself learning things all over again. But, with any luck and a lot of time I should be able to get up to speed quickly. I look forward to becomming a regular member of these fourms and once again being an active member of the hacking community. CodeAc