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  1. If I have a domain such as www.xyz.com even though the website is being hosted else where, can I still use www.xyz.com as my domain controller for my network? Or do I even really need a domain to make a DC? As long as im not creating a server of any other sort? Thinking about it logically you would need a static IP address in order to have a DC, and you could not use a actual domain without a static ip address. I dont know I just need it put in English to me, the books and white papers have not done me justice. Basically I have two projects that involve me running a DC. So any further explanation or a direction in a white paper, or tutorial that can explain it good please it would be appreciated.
  2. Ok i've registered at dyndns got my domain etc etc. I configured everything to allow myself to RDP to my desktop from where ever. Everything on a default stand worked perfectly. However i tried to secure it and now it does not work at all. What i've done security wise: - Changed the default port that terminal service listenes on via registry edit. In this case i've changed the default port from 3389 to 3387. - Changed local security polocies to allow only 1 user, in this case my added administrators acount. I deleted the administrators group, and remote login group. - I configured my router which is where i believe the problem is to port forward on port 3387. I unfortunatly use at&t's modem/router/wireless 2wire. Model 3800HGV-B. For those of you that use this god aweful device. You know that the "firewall" is complete crap. You really cant port forward. You can only define a firewall exception. When i added the default RDP, and Remote Assistance it worked. Now it does not work. Sorry if that did not make much sense im currently on about 3 hours of sleep for the past 48 hours. However any help would be appriciated.
  3. What port is RDP set to on the machine you're trying to connect? That is the port you should use when on your local network... don't worry about what your WAN is set to, since it doesn't matter (you should just be using the local hostname or IP address from inside your network). 3390 works from outside, but that has no bearing on the server itself; that's just the port forwarding. You could have 3390 on the outside forward to 3389 on the target box and it would work the same way. You can have any port on your WAN forward to any server/port on your LAN, and neither one has any bearing on the other... you just have to remember that they might be different when you're outside. I have RDP on my local machine listening on port 3390. Due to my router not really port forwarding I had open up the port on the firewall of the router. So I really couldnt just have port 3390 forward to RDP's default 3389 without buying a different router. Since it's not my house I really cant up and buy a new router and say hey Mom/Dad im replacing this POS with this not so POS. That's why i took the route I did. Testing further I could still remote locally to my machine however i still had to specify the port. The default port did not take. Thanks again guys for all the help.
  4. This is great feedback. Thanks guys! Now that i have all your IP's logged time to start my real dirty work hehe. So I guess what i've gathered and based on what's been said. The default port of 3389 will work locally? As it has before, before i started tinkering with the security. However when I have terminal service listening on a different port it will not work locally, due to packets going out and coming back in. Which makes perfect sense. That is unless my machine was sitting on a DMZ. However and this is something im going to be able to test myself... I should be able to use RDP locally through my local work group? Still using the newly defined port terminal service is listening on. I guess I still have a bit of work to do. Again thanks guys. You saved me the trouble of having to call a bunch of friends that know nothing about computers and explaining step by step how to do this. hehe
  5. Was that with the default port? Or with the port I have RDP listening on via 3390?
  6. That may be what it was then. Before i set the new port, it was working locally on my lan. Obviously through another computer. However since doing everything else i have yet to be able to use that same computer to remote. My overall goal is to beable to work on my computer obviously anywhere. However i also want to connect locally, which thinking about it I can do via work groups. Thanks for the help, just a bit more testing and hopefully i can move onto my next tasks. =)
  7. All of those were/are great suggestions. - Nmap-online did not show any good results. Granted it's been a while since i've used nmap. - sheilds up also did not turn up any results for me - canyouseeme.org showed my newly listening port of 3390 open and forwarding correctly, and i also checked 3389 and the previous one i set of 3387 that both did not get through. Seeing that conyouseeme.org shows 3390 does port forward that mean that its on my computers end of why i cannot connect? If anyone wants to try, and by all means its my computer and i am giving explicit permission to do so. Try to connect to xplicit.servebbs.com:3390
  8. Is it normal for XP repair console or the repair feature to not show up when running a xp cd? Are there only certain versions that have this? What am i missing? Basically damn virus ate system files rendering my desktop useless right now. I've rid myself of both spyware and viruses or at least as much as i could, but the computer will not fully boot xp even in safe mode. It will get to the login screen normally and freeze on a blank blue background. Or with safe mode it'll get to mud.sys file loading before it stops. As much as a format would be in my best interest there is way to much i did not back up, and way to much to rebuild. Any thoughts?
  9. I figured it out. It would login with "Use last settings and configurations that worked" it would just run like shit, and if i tried doing anything it would freeze. So i got norton system works 2k7 to run win doctor. Sure enough between that, and ridding myself of a god aweful amount of viruses and spyware it works fine now.
  10. So there is nothing more you can do when recovery console, or xp repair wont show up, and windows wont boot fully? Besides the format and reinstall.
  11. Wow, you are more of a man than I. I would have told her to wait until i got there.
  12. I just dont understand why the repair console, or repair feature works sometimes with some computers, but not all. Also why there is not a bootable cd dedicated to the repair of xp like this that's made by third party. Guess its time to invest in a bigger external. =/
  13. So i need as many vista drivers video, and network wireless/lan that i can get to incorperate into a vista oem cd. Can anyone help. I've googled with no resultes for vista. I know there are packs for xp but not vista.
  14. This is almost the exact idea me and my buddy were working on. However we never lifted ours off the ground, and our's was more a all IT related e-learning/video. I think you should expand it to all fields of IT. Good job on the site btw. :voteyes:
  15. I've been studying for my ccna/ccnp certs. I've realized that with out hands on experience you wont get far. At least not with the ccnp. Ciscokits offer the equipment at a reasonable price, as well as labs to practice. I was just wondering if anyone had any feedback from www.ciscokits.com ?
  16. I figure while im bored at work, or what ever. I could use my mp3/movie player to learn from. I was just wondering which is better?
  17. Thanks, I've failed my ccna twice already so im planning on getting a setup from www.ciscokits.com. Creating my own lab setup at home. I figure i need to drill this stuff into my head before i retake the test again. So that's why i am getting both learnkey, and CBT Nuggets. I can fall asleep and unconsciously learn, as well as do labs, read the books, etc. Also i have my MCSE tract to study for as well. While the actual schooling is good, i do not feel it to be enough. Ciscokits offer 50+ labs to practice with, with each package i believe. This is what im looking to get http://www.ciscokits.com/cube/ccnp/ccvp/cc...i/prod_116.html This way after the ccna i can start on my ccnp. =]
  18. Get out of ITT while you can!!!!!! Tell them to fuck off in the process. Fuck that school!! sorry but it wasted 3 years of my life, fucked my education up, and raped me of my money. After all is said and done, i got no job, i didnt have the knowledge, i wasnt prepared for the job market, the education level is less than that of my highschool, and now i owe $700 a month wtf!
  19. Quit taking all the cool people as friends! =/ your making me look bad lulz

  20. Posting and admitting what you've done on a public forums is going to get you in more trouble. I would delete your post or at least edit it. To answer the question though... Admit what you've done, how you did it, and how you could help prevent it from happening again. Sometimes it turns out good, sometimes not so good. Honesty is a two way street. It's ether going to be "Well we appriciate the honesty.." or "Now that you've admitted it we are going to take action..." Offer your assistance, how you could help secure the network etc.
  21. I would love to go. Alas this job that i have right now is not going to provide the money to do so. Also certain finances, probation, and ride are not going to allow me to go. Send me a post card? A video? Possibly with any luck i might be going to defcon this year. If anyone is in the Metro Detroit area and would like to go with me to Defcon lets start planning.
  22. I just want to make sure i have this right. So in order to ANI spoof you first need a voip service that allows ANI spoofing and hopefully DID'ing for remote ANI spoofing. Ontop of that it would help to have an asterisk box. However as i know nothing of Asterisk what is the point of also having an Asterisk box? Also do CID spoof cards only spoof CID and not ANI?
  23. I dont know why he would want to help Paris but then again i guess somebody has to. Regaurdless that was pretty sweet, good job lucky <3
  24. Learning "security" | "hacking" is very broad subject. In my opinion i would find one thing that interests you right now and learn everything you can about it. - Application Security - Information Forensics - Encryption - Network security - Windows Security - Linux security - Programming security - Phone System security The list goes on and on. I would pick one that interests you and learn as much as you can on it. For instance lets take Network security for an example. If thats what interests you i would start learning basic home networking, network+, study meterial for the ccna, find white papers, learn all the common protocols. Learning how to secure, and encrypt information going over a local network (SSL, wireless encryption, ipsec, et cetera). Read as much as possible. I would also learn some sort of programming or scripting language at the same time. Its a long road but well worth it! =)
  25. Considering its xp home this may not work but... inheriting folder rights through ntfs permissions. http://cc.jlab.org/docs/services/windows/n...ermissions.html That seems to do a good job describing it. Also just try to rightclick > cut > paste in a folder on your desktop. That might also work.