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  1. *slaps self* NO! no using regexp for html parsing

  2. Since you can make other users run javascript, you could use it to run another browser plug-in/ActiveX exploit (Adobe Shockwave, PDF, IE 7 DirectShow, etc) and force them to download your program/spyware/virus/trojan/yougettheidea. You could run a javascript based bot like Jikto (or another one I've on ha.ckers.org but I can't remember the details). You could make their browser visit child porn sites owned by the law enforcement which will get their IP addresses recorded and then the FBI track them down and raid their home. Which kinda happened to this guy. You could phish the admins password and hope the same password will work on the servers SSH (more likely than you'd think). Not that you should do any of these (illegal) things of course.
  3. Well the <RegistrationReqMsg> part is just base64 encoded. Your dump has this in it: <c:CertificateCollection xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/09/xmldsig#" xmlns:c="http://schemas.microsoft.com/DRM/2004/02/cert" c:Version="2.0"> <c:Certificate> <c:Data xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/09/xmldsig#" xmlns:c="http://schemas.microsoft.com/DRM/2004/02/cert"> <c:PublicKey> <KeyValue> <RSAKeyValue> <Modulus>m2fupvR3JMxMT77XeGwvnMWGKKAWaUh1yPleNB+7vzbT0oIiwtptMB5xZci8enhLucbRJSEK1SRQDGXmvmt0d3+gn2ZpxuTSqUOFNwu5MVak1kVU1b47fqqaKnZ7ZiyvMyvMR/vrXTkQQI7CoBG++SLh1j780wZABLqE4Br8d7c=</Modulus> <Exponent>AQAB</Exponent> </RSAKeyValue> </KeyValue> </c:PublicKey> <c:KeyUsage> <c:EncryptKey>1</c:Encry
  4. According to wikipedia about the ping of death: The only windows I know that was affected by this is an unpatched Windows 95 OS. So even if you send a 65,536 byte ping packet it doesn't do anything anymore.
  5. My tunnel is limited to 400kb/s and I always get that speed, perhaps if I need higher speed I can put a *nix torrent client on my SSH box to let that download torrents. But for now it all seems to work nicely .
  6. I always use these settings: It works for everything except DHT.
  7. Okay, cool. Let me know how it goes.
  8. I dont think Eggy's a FED, he is the last person you'll want to give a gun... or any other weapon for that matter Woah that post is like 2 years old. Mega Bumpage.
  9. I think Ohm has built up a resistance to people bashing him.
  10. Maybe you could post the router name, type, specs etc so we can help you better.
  11. Stop trying to be 'naughty'.
  12. Since you are having trouble in your company, I suggest you talk to the IT helpdesk at your company. It's their job to help you with this kind of problem.
  13. yeah this has been a yellow square, a red square, a non working image etc. i've seen tuts on how to decode it using http://www.virtualconspiracy.com/index.php...e=/scrdec/intro . Hiding javascript in gif images has been around for a while though, I myself have seen it on ha.ckers.org quite a while ago. //edit Interesting, removing the first part* of either gif file, made my virusscanner delete the file saying it was a trojan horse "VBS/Psyme". *first part: GIF89aI = "x1!รพรท";
  14. Sometimes I wish you really were An Hero. I'll just be satisfied I'm an oldfag.