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  1. Hey guys, i haven't been around in ages so this is the last place im turning to out of shame for my dissapearance Anyways, if anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated Im helping a friend set up some multiple choice exams for his medicine forum, and i was using a simple php script to evaluate the exam. This is what it looks like: <html> <head> </head> <body> <h1>Residency Exam</h1> <form action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" method=post> <li>question 1<p> <input type="radio" value="a" name="no1"> A. <br> <input type="radio" value="b" name="no1"> B. <br> <input type="radio" value="c" name="no1"> C. <br> <input type="radio" value="d" name="no1"> D. <br> <br></li> <input type=submit value="Correct exam"> </form> <?php $puntos = 0; $no1=$_POST["no1"]; if ($no1=="//replace with correct answer") $puntos=$puntos+1; ?> Puntos: <?php echo $puntos ?> </body> </html> now, the problem lies in the fact that when i create a template for it in vBull, i wont work, and im wondering why. ive got no clue as to how to get php working within the template :s or if it would work, i dont know that could anyone give me either a solution, or a link to resources that would help me understand how to get this working? the forum is licensed, so links to vbulletin help forum can be seen by us if any of you can point me to something there... thanks in advance, and hi to the people i know
  2. i was under the impression that when you enter recovery console, you get prompted for the admin password to proceed after selecting which windows install you will work on?
  3. lol works perfectly fine, i haev a black background and its actually very noticeable if you upper-left-corner winmine funny find
  4. AWESOME mah phone rings with that song now
  5. keep an eye out for clicking over a link with the middle button though, when i downloaded FF i didnt notice i had that enabled and it was driving me nuts when reading some pages >.< by the time i was done i had 15 tabs that i hadnt meant to open lurking there
  6. what kidn of connection do you have? if its not changing it its most likely you have cable? you could take a look at sMAC to modify your modem's MAC... i think irongeek had also created a mac spoof tool, you might want to check you his site as well... good luck
  7. ive had that issue before also, when i read the post name i thought windows had brought up a new version of vista with an even more realistic and original name :voteyes:
  8. ive noticed rapidshare and megaupload will not let me download at more than 50kbps while using my ip, but if i proxy to something in the states or the uk for example, it instantly goes up to 110kbps... nice stuff
  9. i read somewhere that Joost is intended, on the long run, for web 2.0 i could be wrong though, i really dnot remember where i read it... but maybe it would start with some ISP's offering more than 10mbps and being themselves fed with a 10gbps line? i ermember when i was younger living in the midle of nowhere here in argentina, our first isp had a dsl line, and they offered dialup to users (dont ask i really dont know about these things)
  10. lots of things have been around for decades and are yet not used, there is a financial background to everything. i know its cliche but the first example is oil, and alternative energy sources... theres too much money behind oil, too much conflict coming from it and the concessions on it etc... the day the world runs out of oil and enough people die and enough money is made, solar energy, vegetable derived energy sources and the sort will be all over hte place... same with the new technologies. its not cost effective yet to produce somethign that only 1% of hte population will buy, you have to first of all make sure its safe to use, then make sure you can profit LARGE from it (sadly, sometimes its not in that order that the process takes place) but hey, i believe in too much random shit... go go the german economist who suggested everyone despite their reality should get an 800 euro rent
  11. sorry to see that, you're lucky that it was something you didn't use in over a year though, this should bring awareness now ;p most skiddies though either grow up to be smart and learn before breaking, which also teaches them why breaking is retarded when done just for shits and giggles, or they get owned by someone bigger and smarter that scares the shit out of them... or nothing happens and they get bored/girlfriends/laid/stds/drunk whatever teens do when their internet is down xD
  12. your best option is to get some massive dictionaries and do dictionary attacks, bruteforcing winrar works from time to time but its gonna take ages if you have symbols, lowercases, etc, which are very popular nowadays ^^ i miss the days of good ol qwerty have you tried god, love, secret or sex?
  13. ive always used knoppix as live cd when "fixing" anything windows related.
  14. the open source community has been providing support like say, red hat. plus projects are kept alive by donations, ads, and yea, it might not be a shitload of money but liek everything else in the world, if you want it to work, yoiu need to fund it extensively... M$ is just trying to come out as the "legal correct" alternative.
  15. 90% of pcs in argentina are sold with some kind of linux distro since 2001 when we had an economic crisis. stores that would be the equal to walmart and the *depots sell pcs with linux itneresting that something like Dell is doing this though compatibility wise though, i think people would not buy the linux pcs yet. hardware, server issues, gaming, etc. like my dad once told me "ok, i can tweak all i want and i respect that you like doign that so much, but i really dont give a shit about 90% of the things you do with your pc" (he has had a computer since they exist also, thats why i was so shocked hwne he said that ) it is still good to know the option DOES Exist when buying a new box!