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  1. ...And now that stuff is gone and replaced with a simple text that says " will be back soon!"
  2. As I understand it, the analog channels are always there, the company just blocks them out with a filter (installed at the interface box on the side of the house in some areas...).
  3. I love Opera... Nice customizable GUI, mouse gestures, pop-up/java/javascript/cookies/GIF animations/audio/etc. blocking built in, text only ++ mode, customizable everything, down to how it handles all the MIME types, all sorts of cool things that really give you a lot of power over the browser. Did I mention it's fast?
  4. Your error catching seems broken, if you only enter an NPA number it gives an error:
  5. The browser often sends this out in the connection process. I'd mention that some browsers such as Opera have spoof options as well, so you can look into them if you're interested.
  6. Sweet, ordered one for my laptop. Says they ship in 4 days so we'll se if it gets here. I wonder if they check if you're actually a cardmember or not... Check out this part of the FAQ:
  7. Ft. Lauderdale FL. area
  8. Hehe, that's what the video is about.
  9. 954-262-5555 Was messing around with a PBX system, and hit this number. Doesn't even ring, you dial and instant silence. EDIT 954-308-3307 Payphone at Ft. Lauderdale international in a real busy place. It's one of those AT&T phones with the keyboard and screen for TTY, accepts incomming calls.
  10. I remember my friend used his cellphone a few times to connect to his ISP on his laptop, it did work and I believe it maxed out @ 14.4 kbs. He had a connector that went from the handsfree plug in on the bottome of his phone, and ended in a regular phone jack. It's available as an aftermarket accessory for most cell phones. The only problem with wardialing is that a cellphone often takes longer to initialize the call and reset between calls than a landline, you would be limited to maybe 1/2 speed scanning compared to a landline. Plus, if it bills by the minute each call would cost you a minute. --Edit-- Here's an example of an IR modem hookup for your laptop Erricson GSM IR modem
  11. Cool, never even heard of the guy before.
  12. #1 for me, I'm tired of listening to the same Jello and Sean Kennedy speaches every night.
  13. I very badly want to believe you're joking...
  14. Wow, everyone's having problems these days with the streaming... So are you done with RR for good, or just taking a cooling off period? Put 'em up and we'll DL them until you get a new stream.
  15. Hehe, if in doubt you could methodically jumper each setting one by one and test what they do...