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  1. boxen, moosen, geesen, foxen, etc... you get the idea
  2. box means computer or pussy. look up my box in a box on youtube or, its a spoof of a SNL skit of my dick in a box, but please dont put your dick in your box, because here, box means computer, and you can get hurt if you put your dick in there. :nono:
  3. and they didn't bother to call me? those jerks!!!
  4. i'm using windows xp pro. What ports can i use for azureus though? any one?
  5. I just moved into my dorm, and tried to boot up azureus, and grab some files, but it won't connect. It seems like they have blocked the default completely. Is there any way that i can scan myself for open ports? and then use one to use bit torrent? I already talked to the network admin about people on campus downloading stuff like that, and he said that he knows that people do it, and he doesn't really care as long as it doesn't hurt the network's integrity, or slow down the network.
  6. ya, i use dvd decryptor to get the files onto my computer, then use gordian knot to compress it.
  7. I have the same problem, but when i burn it to a dvd, it has no problems playing on a dvd player.
  8. well, you would most likely need yo mod your xbox in order to run the program, and then you would have to worry about people using cheats all the time and being gay like that. Otherwise, i think it would be a great idea.
  9. well, i kind of figured that, but how does it work? I have found that there are many versions of this program that all serve the same purpose, creating a bawt net, but i am more interested in the technical workings of the attack. like how it takes control and spreads. I have found general explenations that just say what hapens, but i would be more interested in how it exactly works. Thanks.
  10. for those of you that didn't read my last thread: Anyway, I got the kid to give me a copy of the code, and since i don't know how to program or anything, i opened a couple of the files in notepad, and got a disclaimer which told me that the program was called agobot3. Anyone know of a website that explains how it works? Also, anyone know anything about the creator of this program?
  11. I guess i wasn't saying that no 14 year old could write a virus, but more that i didn't think that this 14 year old kid could, and a majority can't. It was just the way that he was talking and boasting that gave away the lack of maturity and actual grasp on the concept of hacking. Most people would not boast about writing a virus to some random person for security reasons.
  12. true dat. I asked him what he used them for, and he said he attacks people that piss him off in CS. lol. How would i take over one of his bots?
  13. The irce server that he uses is and the channel is #gamesurge-bot but when i try to join it, i get this message: You were kicked from #3gamesurge-bot by OpServ (This channel is illegal.) The site that he hosted his screen shot is registered to someone in tenessesee (sp?), but the kid lives in chicago. I don't really think he wrote the whole thing himself, I think someone else made it for him, and he's just taking credit. I'll try to get the code from him though. I'm not really scared of him attacking me with his bots, cuz it's easy for me to find out where he lives, and he will regret it.
  14. he said him and his friends wrote the code for the virus. I'll see if he'll give me the code for it. Am i allowed to post it up here though?
  15. I was talking to one of my friends online, and trying to help him out with building his new computer, and he told me about this kid (14 year old) at his school that writes viruses, and trojans. So i'm like ya, sure, he's lieing. So this kid comes into ventrillo with me and my friend, and starts telling me that he wrote a trojan virus in C++ that makes bots for dnial of service attacks. So he sent me a link to "his screenshot" to prove it. I don't really know a lot about writing viruses, and creating bots in IRC, but i'm pretty sure a 14 year old kid can't do it. So is this kid for real, or just some newb wannabe?