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  1. forum> default radio> binrev I was searching for info on revealing the phone numbers of private callers and I remember someone making a post along the lines of "you should listen to episode x of default radio"
  2. Here's an email I received from brring a while back: Was good while it lasted. Anyway I'll have to check out inumbr while it's free
  3. I still have my pre2002 simcard but is there really any benefit to cloning?
  4. I have no idea if this is any good but I signed up for a free Intro to programming class at The class starts on jan. 10th so you might want to check it out if you're interested in programming. Theres also some other classes but like I said I don't know if these are even worth trying. full url: http://h30187.www3.hp[dot]com/courses/overview/p/courseId/3979
  5. My parents switched our POTS line to COX digital telephone and I guess the guy didn't hook up the line in my room. I can get a dialtone on the other lines but not mine. Whats different about the digital setup and how can I convert my phone jack to work with it?
  6. Not the files I was looking for but a good read none the less Hopefully I'll stumble on it eventually but for now I give up. Theres just too many files to search through.
  7. I've been looking for this text file for awhile with no luck, maybe someone here remembers what it was called... It refered to how people talked on AOL back when punting and progs were popular. It was all about how to talk "leet" on AOL. Content of the article: You start out with good grammer, then start imitating all the cool kids aLtErNaTe teXt, move on to a more custoM styL3, then become too cool for this and start typing proper again - and lecturing others on how immature and ignorant it is to type l33t, and in the end you realize its all bs and you go back to typing in alt caps. anyone remember the .txt name ? fukc it I'm never gonna find it, feel free to delete this post
  8. I got a letter from cingular today, on the front it said: URGENT: Immediate SIM Card Replacement Required They are asking me to bring in my old sim, and upgrade it. :glare: read for yourself What is this about? ..bullshxt, or do I really need a 64k chip to reduce service interruptions? My old sim is pre 2002 and I never wanted to clone it because it seems pointless, but after getting this letter I might as well. -acuRa