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  1. Here's an interesting link questioning where the 6 pass wipe originated. http://www.geocities.com/thestarman3/asm/5220/index.html
  2. yo dawg I heard you liked submarines so we put a submarine in your submarine so you can submarine while you submarine

  3. I know there is a scene where they make higher rez skins for N64 games and then play them using a specific graphics plugin for one of the n64 emulators. Umm take a look at this link. http://www.emutalk.net/forumdisplay.php?f=110 As far as decompiling old games I know there is a commented version of super mario bros and a half done one for metroid. Might be of some general interest. http://www.romhacking.net/docs/%5B93%5DSmbre.zip http://www.romhacking.net/docs/%5B367%5Dm1source.txt
  4. Here's another music/phreaking question. At the end of the song Almost ready by Dinosaur Jr do you hear red box tones, or am I going crazy?
  5. Might sound a little strange but Jason Scott. I'm sure he'll have tons to say.
  6. The berry one is the best right? Revolution?
  7. I remember there being somthing like that here in Fargo. They had games on it that were pretty cool. Kind of choose your own adventure with little recorded bits and then to use you book of spells press one, to try your magic crystal press two ect. I remember there being a fantast one and then some sort of indiana jones jungle hunt one.
  8. My uni has something like this haven't hacked around with it but I am eagerly awaiting any more info. Trem, Sub does this sound like a good after 2600 activity?
  9. I can't believe none of you guys use btjunkie. It's the best.
  10. * CNN: 404-681-3578 * Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: 773-702-0725 * New York Times: 212-556-7306 * Washington Post: 202-496-3936 * LA Times: 213-237-4712 * CBS-TV Nightly News: 212-975-1893 * 60 Minutes: 212-975-2019 * ABC Nightly News: 212-456-3720 * UPI: 202-898-8057 * AP: 212-621-7529 * AFP [Agences France Presse]: 202-414-0524 * Time Magazine: 212-522-0323 * Newsweek Magazine: 212-212-445-5844 * US News & World Report: 212-916-7400 or 212-716-6800 -- May or May Not Still Be Working * USA Today: 212-371-0241 * CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation]: 416-205-7459 * Australian Broadcasting Corp.: 202-626-5188 * Greenpeace USA: 202-462-4507 * All International Greenpeace Fax#s Should be Accessable through: http://www.greenpeace.org * Center For Defense Information: 202-462-4559 * Jim Hightower Show: 512-478-8536 * Pacifica Radio's "Democracy Now": 212-747-1698 and 202-588-0896 * Boston Globe: 617-929-2019 * Der Speigel: 212-302-6258 * Reuters: 202-898-8401 * PBS' "Frontline: 617-254-0243 * Penthouse Magazine:212-702-6279 * Ralph Nader: 202-234-5176 * Las Vegas Sun: 702-383-7264 * NPR's "Talk of the Nation": 202-414-3329 * Pacifica Radio, KPFK: 818-763-7526 * Pacifica Radio, WPFW: 202-588-0561 * Pacifica Radio, KPFT: 713-526-5750 * Wall Street Journal: 212-416-2653 * Christian Science Monitor: 212-764-9648 U.S. Media Fax Numbers ABC WASHINGTON DC 202-887-7684 ABC 20/20 NEW YORK NY 212-456-2969 ABC NEWS PRESIDENT NEW YORK NY 212-456-4968 ABC TV LOS ANGELES CA 213-557-5210 ABC TV SAN FRANCISCO CA 415-954-7633 ABC WORLD NEWS NEW YORK NY 212-456-4968 AP LOS ANGELES CA 213-748-1200 AP SAN DIEGO CA 619-291-2098 AP WASHINGTON DC 202-828-6422 AP (BROADCAST) WASHINGTON DC 202-955-7367 ASSOCIATED PRESS BOSTON MA 617-338-8125 ASSOCIATED PRESS LOS ANGELES CA 213-748-9836 ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOENIX AZ 602-254-9573 ASSOCIATED PRESS SAN FRANCISCO CA 415-552-9430 ASSOCIATED PRESS MN MINNEAPOLIS MN 612-332-4245 BOSTON GLOBE BOSTON MA 617-929-3183 BOSTON GLOBE BOSTON MA 617-929-3192 BOSTON GLOBE BOSTON MA 617-929-3490 BOSTON GLOBE NEWSRM BOSTON MA 617-929-3186 BOSTON HERALD BOSTON MA 617-426-1865 BOSTON HERALD BOSTON MA 617-542-1315 C-SPAN WASHINGTON DC 202-737-6226 CBS NEW YORK NY 212-975-1519 CBS WASHINGTON DC 202-659-2586 CBS (RADIO) WASHINGTON DC 202-659-5578 CBS EVE NEWS NEW YORK NY 212-975-2115 CBS MORNING WASHINGTON DC 202-331-1765 CBS NEWS LOS ANGELES CA 213-651-0285 CBS NEWS SAN FRANCISCO CA 415-362-7417 CBS NEWS PRESIDENT NEW YORK NY 212-975-1519 CBS TV LOS ANGELES CA 213-651-0321 CBS TV SAN FRANCISCO CA 415-362-7417 CHICAGO SUN-TIMES CHICAGO IL 312-321-3084 CHICAGO TRIBUNE CHICAGO IL 312-222-3143 CHRISTIAN SCI. MON. BOSTON MA 617-450-2317 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MO BOSTON MA 617-289-5352 CNBC HOLLYWOOD CA 213-465-1034 CNN LOS ANGELES CA 213-460-5081 CNN SAN FRANCISCO CA 415-398-4049 CNN PRESIDENT ATLANTA GA 404-827-1575 FORBES LOS ANGELES CA 213-478-8437 GANNETT WASHINGTON DC 202-243-0190 GANNETT NEWS SERVICE SACRAMENTO CA 916-446-7326 LOS ANGELES TIMES CHATSWORTH CA 818-772-3338 LOS ANGELES TIMES COSTA MESA CA 714-966-7711 LOS ANGELES TIMES LOS ANGELES CA 213-237-4712 LOS ANGELES TIMES SACRAMENTO CA 916-322-2422 LOS ANGELES TIMES VENTURA CA 805-658-5547 NBC WASHINGTON DC 202-362-2009 NBC (RADIO) WASHINGTON DC 703-685-2197 NBC NEWS BURBANK CA 818-840-4275 NBC NEWS NEW YORK NY 212-956-2140 NBC NEWS SAN FRANCISCO CA 415-441-2823 NBC NEWS PRESIDENT NEW YORK NY 212-315-4037 NBC TV LOS ANGELES CA 818-840-4275 NBC TV SAN FRANCISCO CA 415-441-2823 NEW YORK POST NEW YORK NY 212-732-4241 NEW YORK TIMES NEW YORK NY 212-556-4603 NEWSWEEK LOS ANGELES CA 213-444-5287 NEWSWEEK NEW YORK NY 212-421-4993 NEWSWEEK SAN FRANCISCO CA 415-788-4437 NEWSWEEK WASHINGTON DC 202-783-6512 NPRRADIO SAN FRANCISCO CA 415-553-2241 NY TIMES NEW YORK NY 212-556-4603 NY TIMES SAN FRANCISCO CA 415-421-2684 NY TIMES WASHINGTON DC 202-862-0340 REUTERS LOS ANGELES CA 213-622-0056 REUTERS SAN FRANCISCO CA 415-986-5147 REUTERS WASHINGTON DC 202-898-8383 TIME LOS ANGELES CA 213-824-7205 TIME SAN FRANCISCO CA 415-434-5209 TIME WASHINGTON DC 202-463-5005 TIME MAGAZINE NEW YORK NY 212-522-0451 UPI BOSTON MA 617-338-9774 UPI LOS ANGELES CA 213-620-1237 UPI SEATTLE WA 206-283-0408 UPI WASHINGTON DC 202-789-2362 UPI (RADIO) WASHINGTON DC 202-842-3625 US NEWS & WORLD REPORT WASHINGTON DC 202-955-2713 USA RADIO NETWORK DALLAS TX 214-243-3489 USA TODAY WASHINGTON DC 202-276-5527 WALL STREET JOURNAL WASHINGTON DC 202-862-9266 WALL STREET JOURNAL SAN FRANCISCO CA 415-391-4534 WALL STREET JOURNAL LOS ANGELES CA 213-658-3828 WALL STREET JOURNAL NEW YORK NY 212-416-2658 WALL STREET JOURNAL SAN FRANCISCO CA 415-391-4534 WASHINGTON POST WASHINGTON DC 202-334-4480
  11. grab the hashes and crack them later
  12. 202 742 5989 Someone should get a back spoof on this number.
  13. PLA

    PLA is run by the feds. I thought everyone knew that.
  14. I disagree. I think that larger confs should be recorded but not for the purpose of releasing as some sort of crappy radio show but more so as a historical primary hacker document. To be released years down the road on something like textfiles.com
  15. from the some numbers thread as posted by Strom 1-856-767-9903 [booop] excuse me, please deposit ten cents (broken) 1-206-343-0011 [sit] this call requires a coin deposit *(cool one) both still work (well 9903 never really did work perfectly)