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  1. Happy Birtday to OL1V3R. Wish you best Luck.


  2. Hey there! I've been set a mission by my parents to find a call logger or monitoring software to show how long people are on the phone for and what the number is. At the moment I have a fax modem loose somewhere, and I have a Linux server to put it in so all thats missing is the software really . I'm not sure if this is possible but my little friend Google didint really help me out on this one. I guess there are some factors on how it determines a phone call is being made etc so there is a possibility no software of this type exists for le standard phone line... Anyway- If you guys know of any software or methods be sure to throw them my way! Thanks. Oli
  3. Hey guys! I've recently encountered the problems of having a wired laptop with a 13 year old sister, she snapped the port clean off the PC-Card, ace! So now i'm relied on to come up with a new solution. At the moment wireless networking seems to be on the books, but i've discovered the not really new method of networking over the power lines in the house. Basically you plug a node at each end and set it to a channel or frequency whatever it is and thats pretty much it. I was just wondering if this is actually safe to use? I dont particularly want people roaming my network if someone else uses the same method. And how good IS this? If it took me a while to discover it its obviously not the next networking boom as wireless was. Thanks in advance for all your replies, Oliver
  4. Does it matter? .. Drugs are illegal and if I see anyone on these forums doing them i'll wash their mouth out with soap! Have you ever seen drugs get anyone anywhere? Obviously theres drug rings and trades but at the end of the day, the authorities will still bang you up for it. Dont do them.
  5. Its a shame Linux doesnt have the same sort of graphics power gaming wise as DirectX has on Windows. Otherwise i'd be using Linux all the way.
  6. Yeah. I agree. You're best off learning Linux in command line. If something goes wrong with the Window manager or GUI whatever you're using and it goes to console, you wont have a clue what to do Theres a few sites that have simple linux commands which you'll get used to/learn, just have a google EDIT: Welcome overload!
  7. So .. Why are they releasing this again? Its just a jazzed up version of XP. With probably more exploits. They're just finding ways to drain people out of their money with this shit. Linux had most of the graphic stuff Windows has a long time ago.
  8. Oh bollocks, I wonder if they'll be coming to the UK too Just goes to show how stuck up film producers have gotten. Its all in the money now, nothing else. Same goes for music, i seriously wouldnt give a fuck if i lost thousands of pounds (money wise) every year due to music downloads, as long as people like it.
  9. As an owner of a Winfast PVR. I wouldnt suggest getting one. You're best off getting a Tivo and outputting the video to a capture card or something. The software I got with my PVR is so buggy, and upon restarting the system because of a recent problem. I found that I couldnt get the card to work at all! .. Bastards! Good luck anyway mate, Oliver
  10. Hey. Any reason why you guys only accept US-Paypal accounts. I'm from the UK and i was going to make a donation but it wouldnt let me
  11. Oooh, That would be cool!
  12. I wander how many security updates this needs before you can play a song
  13. Weheyyy *downloads*
  14. http://www.lameindustries.org/tutorials/snsbd/index.shtml ^Check that out, it covers 2000 pass cracking.
  15. Tis very fun