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  1. Check the permissions.
  2. +1432376XXXX The entire exchange is all dial tones, busy signals, or sounds that sound a lot like a milliwatt (0001 for example).
  3. Sorry, I didn't mean older. I meant they seem to usually service more remote areas. I always seem to find interesting things in exchanges serviced by these types of switches. [edit]: Heh, yeah... I see what you mean about that. They're a secondary resource, so that is to be sort of expected.
  4. I've found that there are still quite a few old pieces of telephony equipment still in service these days, despite what some may say. Try searching for certain switch types that commonly service very remote areas. I've had some luck with that. I then usually try war dialing specific ranges in the exchange for that area, and I have to say I've found some very interesting numbers. av1d, I wasn't aware that anyone else besides me was suspicious about the ol' RedCom Labs MDX384 switches until I saw this thread. I've been exploring that switch type for a while, mainly because of their apparent tendancy to still be older switches.
  5. I agree with yourface. It really isn't a good idea to be messing around with this stuff. I don't think calling a number is considered a felony (here in the US, at least), but messing with the settings most definitly is. I've found a few crazy numbers like these in the past. It isn't a good idea to be posting them on a public forum. [edit] I gave it a call and now all it does it ring.