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  1. I am sure that the signs in question are the large "LED Billboards" that companys like "Lamar Advertising" have up. There are now I think, 3 in the city I live in and the first thing I thought when I saw one wasnt "oh look how cool" OR "Wow thats awesome" infact the first thing I thought was " How can I hack that to use it to my advantage?" This guy with the remote thing I believe has it all wrong. Those little signs are well....gay. And hacking if you want to call buying the remote and changing it "hacking" is to me childs play. The signs I have seen around here have a large box on them. What is in this box ? I hope to find out soon. I will upload some pictures later of the signs and these boxes I am referring to. About all the recon work I have done so far is drving by and looking to see if I couldnt figure out how to change it. They may be controlled from somewhere or controlled via wireless as stated before but I have no idea as of yet. This large box might be a way to change it there. I dont know but, I hope to find out. If anyone had any information on the signs please let me know.