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  1. 2.6.6 Vanilla 2.6.6-rc1-mm1 2.6.5-gentoo
  2. I've been looking around and I know that when I installed CoD on my gui computer you can start it up and through the gui you can make a server. I was wondering what you guys thought of COD-lnxded-1.3-ironsights I don't know if thats any good. Trying to install it right now. Your input would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks for fast reply! I'm headin to bed right now but I will give that a try tomarrow, thanks.
  4. I was wondering how to create a cron script that would tar my partitions to another computers partition via NFS. I would want it to create the names of the tar files based on the date as well. I have NFS set up I just need to figure out how to write this script or has it been writen already?
  5. I havn't gotten the 10.3 update yet so I bet it will still work.
  6. Yea, In school I did that click the mouse in different parts of your password since I knew the teacher was looking through my files and I was just a bit parnoid he wasn't only doing that but logging my passwords. But I figure he was to dumb to try to break them. Atleast...I hoped he was