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  1. Headsup guys! Doorbells been busy! More recordings uploaded.. Senderised step collection! great stuff..
  2. Damn I over looked that!! thanks for the heads up.. I really want to hear more international calls from that period..!
  3. Head on over to phonetrips! Senderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, Introduction to Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton (June 1973, August 1977) Senderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, pgm. 1: Occoquan-Woodbridge (August 1977, October 1973) Great Stuff!
  4. Try me. I would understand. Ever hear of IMTS? I bet IMTS was long gone before the vast majority of people on this forum were even born! Some kind of fore runner to cellular? radio phones or radio connected telephone service... interesting.. I miss the old analogue cellular networks from early-mid nineties.. now that was fun!
  5. 1989 - Found a direct dial in my local exchange to an ANAC with ring back test(UK) by accident(misdialed a friend), same year got thinking about dtmf and playing recorded dtmfs into mouth peices of payphones, which then where unmuted without dropping a coin in, and worked out that things could be done to my benefit if i messed around a little, after finding that out you name it, I probably tried/did it Dropped in and out of phones over the last 20 years.. Had some amazing times in the early 90's!
  6. Yeah i will see you there.. i will be with the HackHull? guys.. this time try not to tip an entire beer all over my knee like when we first met
  7. Ahh great stuff! I just came here to post a notification but was beaten to it thanks.. downloading, listen later.. !
  8. That will be great to see! be sure to post on the relevant sites! Mine ended up on the backburner as work has took over for the time being! Ill have to pick it back up when time and work allow..
  9. First release of the year for Evan Doorbell over on Phonetrips! Just in process of downloading..! this stuff is too good..!
  10. And here is picture of a completed one and I must add that they are a lovely little thing indeed!
  11. This is pretty cute..
  12. Maybe try emailing Mark Bernay at the phonetrips website, he usually forwards mail onto Evan Doorbell.. Id also like to hear more of those sections, but saying that anything thats released is usually of exceptional quality and worth waiting for..
  13. As the topic title suggests... Smyrna Parts 4/5 (downloading now..) God Bless Groupbell!
  14. I guess im right in thinking these things are not used anymore? Last time I called one must of been some time in 1991... aint called one since.. may never call one again. unless someone can think of a quick way to implement one inside asterisk..? for posterity..
  15. Heck!! Thats awesome! Really cant beat a pro-fabricated board!