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  1. Wow a UK radio show thats great. I will be sure to tune in just downloading some episodes at the moment I wish you the best of luck with the show. I live in the Uk and have been listening to different shows for a long time but never a UK one I am really excited.
  2. Just downloaded it too if anyone wants to talk
  3. Thanks alot much appreciated
  4. Whilst on the subject of gmail could someone with an account send me an invitation please so I can take a look at it and experiment a little. Many Thanks zerodata
  5. I came across this today thought some of you migt find it interesting Enjoy
  6. I just found a Aureal vortex 1 sound card too I will stick all the gear I have in the post to you raven. Everyone else help out if you can.
  7. I have an idea why don't we all donate a part for white_raven to get a box up and running.... I have a matrox g200 gfx card I can send to him and a 3com etherlink III network card that I have spare here What do you all think we got enough spares between us for one box surely ......
  8. Both digitalrights and outbreak are not up atm is redirected to and is 404 whats happening guys ?
  9. Stank I will be happy to pay extra for the postage perhaps you could setup an international orders page with the price put up to cover postage on paypal.
  10. Alright stank I will work out what it costs for me to send a prepaid envelope to you as well.
  11. Ok bland thanks I will get myself to the local post office and sort it out
  12. I ordered via paypal before I read this I am but I am in the UK do I need to send a prepaid envelope to receive it or can I just pay extra for the shipping ?
  13. Whilst on the subject of cat cables. Where can I get some cheap rj45 crimps for cat5 I have almost run out and everywhere I look they want like 50 pence (uk) per crimp that is just a little steep imho.
  14. Ok but for us people who live outside the U.S. and want to use paypal where do we go as the order page is not working @ ? Is it just a case of witing for it to be posted up ?
  15. What I really want to know is who the fsck cousin wince is ? ? wonder if a palm reader might help ? :puke:
  16. Holy Shit I am palm OS
  17. I was browsing and found this link Not read it yet but thought I would share
  18. I would say the best manufactured computer was one manufactured by me nTheory that way you just could'nt shoot me
  19. Not had a chance to try it but must say I can't wait to check it out. Unfortunately my 56k means it will be a while before I get chance
  20. Stick with your ethics but don't starve/die for em
  21. No problem I tell you what I will post it a copy to you M_from_S just email me somewhere to post it to. It is not a copy it is an original. I don't need it as I have 2 original's here
  22. DIY DIY DIY Get the hardware you want and put it together. IMHO
  23. I have dos 6.22 here on 3 floppies fully licensed and legal if you want it
  24. Hey bland what are you gonna do about overseas mailing for the mag for ppl like myself and nick ? I personally would not mind paying for it to be posted out to me. Is there a way we can send you a prepaid envelope for the postage or something ? ? ? Wel however it has to work I am sure we can sort it even if we have to resort to paypal or something
  25. Tut tut dual you evil hacker <EDIT> Also take a look here </EDIT>